From Lunch & Learns to interview workshops, throughout the year our team of recruitment experts attend and host a number of events in and around Peterborough.

So you can stay up to date with the events we have lined up, take a look at the schedule below. If you would like any further information on any of the below events, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing

As ever these events are delivered free of charge to client contacts of ACR.

In the current circumstances, these will be delivered online via Zoom or MS TEAMS.

Places are limited – please contact us (01733 235298 / for further information.


2021 events


Tuesday 24th March


HR Forum

It can feel lonely in HR and here is an opportunity to meet up (virtually of course) with Martin Bloom (Head of Employment Law at Hegarty LLP and P/T Employment Tribunal Judge) and  with other HR professionals to share current issues and experiences.



Thursday 15th April

10.30am -11.30am

Claire Eager of People HR

Employee Wellbeing – a cocktail of work, home and a dash of the unknown

With the third National lockdown in full effect, the topic of employee wellbeing is viewed as either a) a hot topic, b) swear word or c) a pull your hair out inducing phrase.  The purpose of this session is for attendees to share their experiences of their employee wellbeing journey from March 2020 to date, vocalise the new (and continued) challenges that they face in this area and provide support, suggestions and mechanics on how to tackle those challenges to likeminded colleagues.  Clare will facilitate the session, sharing her own knowledge and experience of managing employee wellbeing and adapting strategies to our current covid environment.

Wednesday 28th April



Performance Management – It’s all about the conversation … isn’t it?

In HR and L&D we have tried very hard to move on from the process and form heavy performance management to get our managers having great and regular performance conversations. The type of conversations where feedback is regularly given and people are encouraged to have conversations about their career aspirations, motivations and development options. However, in doing so we have often focused on changing the process or the forms. How about we change the conversation? Practice Room Online are working with a number of clients who want to do just that and are doing it through building managers’ confidence and capability to have a different style of conversation through practice in a safe space.

We would like to share our learning with you on that to help you consider different ways to approach the issue of making performance management all about the conversation.



Wednesday 5th May

10.30am- 11.30am

HR Forum

Another opportunity to attend one of our ever-popular HR forums – Martin Bloom (Head of Employment Law at Hegarty LLP and P/T Employment Tribunal Judge) is in the chair and will share his take on any changes in case law, legislation and general best practice.  You also have the opportunity to share experiences with the rest of the group.

Wednesday 19th May


Positivity – Melanie Coeshott

It’s OK for those positive types…they’re not affected by stuff like I am”.

Positivity is the tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude. Positive thinking is when we consciously cultivate positivity in our minds to help us to believe we can get through anything. It’s been scientifically proven to improve our work, life, physical and mental health and relationships.

Some people are naturally positive, and they know how helpful this can be. Especially as life isn’t consistently rosy every day. However, some people need a little more assistance to get those positive juices flowing.

This session looks to uncover some of myths around positivity and explore some techniques that can help you on your path to greater positivity across different parts of your life.



Wednesday 9th June


HR Forum

Martin Bloom (Head of Employment Law at Hegarty LLP and P/T Employment Tribunal Judge) is in residence again in our hugely popular HR Forum.  Welcoming HR professionals to attend – already forum members or those new to it – to come and share questions and experiences with likeminded HR Professionals.

Thursday 17th June


Katy Walton – Building Resilience

Right now, many of us are feeling the strain. We’re working in uncertain times, with concerns for family, health and work. It’s understandable that at times our resilience reserves run low. Left unchecked, this can lead to burnout. Let us show you how to top up the tanks for you and your team. In this one-hour, informal virtual workshop Katy Walton from Make Real Progress will share with you:

  1. Getting the pressure levels right
  2. Why zebras don’t get ulcers
  3. The resilience treasure chest



Thursday 8th July


Menopause with Bev Thorogood

Menopause is a ‘hot’ topic right now, with many forward-thinking employers recognising the impact of menopause on all areas of business – from D&I to the bottom line.

Your line managers need to feel confident to have supportive conversations with the people who work for them.  They need to know where to go for help and what they can realistically do to help.

Finally, women and non-binary employees need to feel supported and able to seek the help they need to continue to perform at their best as they go through their menopause transition.

During this session we’ll be defining what menopause is, and what it is not.  We will be breaking some myths and helping you to understand some of the difficulties working women and non-binary employees face due to the impact of menopause related symptoms.

I will also share with you what HR can do to help, where menopause sits in terms of employment law and how you can support your managers to confidently deal with performance related issues that may arise as a result of menopause.

You will leave with a better understanding of menopause and the impact it can have on your people as well as further resources to help you plan your next steps in getting the menopause conversation started in your organisation.