Camilla Mitcham

Camilla Mitcham

Recruitment Partner

Camilla is a recruitment partner at Anne Corder Recruitment. An expert in spotting a great CV, Camilla blogs for Anne Corder Recruitment offering tips and advice for job seekers on standing out, managing their job hunt and more.

Questions you should be asking in an interview

When the spotlight is on, it can be easy to let the interviewer do all the questioning – but asking questions yourself can create a real point of difference between you and other candidates. Being politely inquisitive about a role,… read more…

Should you accept a counter-offer?

You’ve been searching for a new job, diligently amending and sending your CV and attending interviews. Then you get that long anticipated job offer and you’re eager to start in your new role. Of course, in between then and now… read more…

A new take on creative CVs

Back in 2014 we wrote a blog advising candidates on how they could make their CV more creative. We gave tips on when it is appropriate to use a more visual CV, how to create one and how to make… read more…