Emma Plummer

Emma Plummer

Recruitment Partner

Emma blogs for the ACR jobseekers’ blog covering tips on how to stand out, managing the job-hunting process and more.

How to find a new job in a new city

When you relocate, you want to feel reassured that your new job will still be invaluable to your career path. Here are my tips on getting recruited when you’re moving to an unfamiliar city. However you feel about moving to… read more…

Keeping in touch with potential employers

Knowing when to get in touch with a potential employer is always a tricky question – and even trickier is figuring out how often is too often to be making contact. You certainly don’t want your potential employer to feel… read more…

CV Lies: A Lesson in why not to do it

Even the mighty aren’t immune – and what a lesson for anyone thinking they might just ‘tweak’ their CV. We have been following with interest the case of Yahoo Chief Executive Officer Scott Thompson who, reports suggest, left the company… read more…