Fairline Boats | Putting concierge-style service at the forefront of customer interaction

The appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer at luxury motor yacht manufacturer, Fairline Boats, led to a new approach in the company’s customer and client service offering.

After spending a year as a non-executive director on Fairline’s Board, Kevin Gaskell’s first priority in the new role was the introduction of ‘The Fairline Experience’ to the company’s head office in Oundle, near Peterborough.

The Fairline Experience places customer service at the heart of the company’s values and processes; making sure needs are met during every aspect of boat ownership and purchase.

To reflect Fairline’s high quality products and this business culture, Kevin felt that a concierge-style reception area was required, with specially trained staff equipped with the right skills greeting employees, customers and clients who walked through the front doors.

HR Manager Alan Gardiner was tasked with putting together the recruitment brief, which outlined very specific requirements for two receptionists with relevant backgrounds in dealing with luxury brands and establishments.

“The intricacies of the job role made for a tough brief, but we were confident that Anne Corder Recruitment would rise to the challenge of finding us some suitable candidates,” said Alan.

“We were incredibly prescriptive with the job description and person specification. As a global brand, we needed concierge specialists who were multi-lingual, which we initially felt would be a challenge,” he added.

Yet within just 5 days, ACR recruitment partner Wendy Deaton had found four potential candidates, all of which matched the brief perfectly.

Following an initial consultation with Wendy at the ACR offices in Lynchwood, Peterborough, Natassia Garner and Raquel Alvadia met with Alan at Fairline Boats for an interview.

Fluent in a total of 3 languages between them, Portugese-born Raquel and Natassia impressed Alan with their outstanding communication skills and previous work experiences.

Natassia was employed by a concierge agency in London at the time, following a spell with British Airways as an airhostess, while Raquel was working as a telephone concierge specialist.

Now the pair work in harmony with one another, tending to customers’ travel needs, accommodation and any other personal or commercial requirements. In essence, offering ‘The Fairline Experience’ to anyone who passes through, including the CEO himself.

“They are incredibly diligent and professional employees who have already made a huge difference to the way we engage with our customers. They are the first contact anyone has with the company, so a good first impression is paramount,” said Alan.

“We are delighted with Natassia and Raquel’s appointments, so a big thank you must go to Wendy and the team at ACR for delivering such exceptional candidates.”