The Frontline Group | Working together to create the perfect team

Matt and Nel at the Frontline Group
Matt and Nel at the Frontline Group

Discover how we helped the Frontline Group, the UK’s leading magazine sales and distribution company, meet its changing business needs through bringing in a team of Copy Planners who were looking for the perfect role in Peterborough.

The Frontline Group, based in Midgate in the centre of Peterborough, has long come to Anne Corder Recruitment to recruit its team orientated, commercially-minded and committed Copy Planners.

The starting point

Matt Goodall, Group Copy Manager at the Frontline Group, and heading up the team’s recruiting efforts, explained that he first came to ACR as a candidate himself: “Nel placed me at Frontline over 10 years ago. Historically, across the business, we’ve had various dealings with ACR. From there our relationship has blossomed and grown.”

“By having close working relationships with Nel, we know that she understands the culture, the values and the type of person who is a good ‘Frontline fit’.”

Indeed, having established such a long-term relationship with Nel, Recruitment Partner at ACR, Matt knows that recruiting for the Frontline Group will be a smooth process:

“I can pick up the phone to Nel and say ‘we need a Copy Planner’ and be confident that she will know what fit we’re looking for.”

When Matt came to Nel in April 2014 to fill two Copy Planner vacancies, the primary business need was to maintain its commercially focused team as a result of the changing market and in line with its already commercially savvy approach.

As a result, Matt described Frontline’s ideal candidate: “Someone with influencing skills, analytical knowledge and a logical frame of mind. The work we do is based on numbers and logic as opposed to interpretation or feel.”

“We work on the basis of ‘this data gives us this, which tells us that this course of action will get the best results.’”

The recruitment process

Working to the brief, Nel and the ACR team were able to quickly bring together a shortlist of candidates: “The Frontline Group was, in fact, my very first client when I started working at ACR. As a result I know that Frontline has a very robust recruitment process in place, which ensures it brings the right people on board with our help,” said Nel.

As always, ACR understood that the nature of the Frontline Group demanded it filled roles as soon as possible. With internal promotion usually the cause of any vacancies and with the roles often being operational, Matt always keeps an eye on any moves on the horizon to keep Nel up to date:

“Working with ACR means the recruitment process is a pipeline. It runs smoothly and we save a huge amount of time.”

The results

The happy Frontline Group team
Christina, Louise, Casey, Stuart, Amy, Matt and Nel at the Frontline Group

For this specific recruitment drive, the Frontline Group was delighted to recruit three Copy Planners followed by two Copy Planning Managers a few months later who were all put forward by Anne Corder Recruitment.  The brief had in fact grown due to additional vacancies being created.

All five new recruits are now permanent members of the Frontline Group team and are hugely successful in their roles. As Matt explains, they’ve settled in perfectly, are enjoying their roles and proving to be productive contributors to the commercially minded copy planning approach at the Frontline Group.

And it’s not only Matt who is happy with the results. The candidates themselves are over the moon in their new roles.

Amy, Commercial Copy Manager, put it very aptly: “When people ask me how I’m getting on in my new job I always say ‘I have to keep pinching myself because I didn’t know companies like this still existed! It’s fantastic to join a really refreshing company.”

Find out more about the recruitment process from the candidate’s perspective.

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