Preim Ltd | From temporary work to permanent employment

Check out our latest case study to find out how Anne Corder Recruitment (ACR) supported Preim Ltd – a leading residential property management agency – in their search for temporary workers, and how these candidates turned from temps into permanent members of staff.

Temporary work: the benefits

Working as a temp is beneficial for both job seekers and employers. Flexible or part-time hours and project contracts are all benefits of temporary work. Businesses may also look into temporary options before committing to hiring new staff permanently, with less risk involved.

Temporary roles can be as fulfilling as permanent employment, with individuals still receiving work based training as well as being fully immersed into office life for their new employer. Businesses may just need an extra pair of hands to deal with a busy patch, which is where temporary workers come in.

Hiring temporary workers to establish their fit within the business is a route taken by many businesses. Both workers and businesses can establish a working relationship, and assess whether it would be beneficial for both parties should the arrangement become permanent. This method of hiring carries less risk for employers, and should the temporary worker prove to be a great fit for the business, then the transition to a permanent contract should really pay off in the long term.

Searching for temporary workers

The search for temporary workers started for Preim following an office move in 2014. The relocation brought them to Minerva Business Park in Peterborough, within walking distance of ACR.

Bernadette Oakey, Head of Business Support at Preim, contacted ACR to recruit temporary workers to join her team.

“I wanted to engage temporary staff initially, so I could get a feel for their fit within the business. For one role in particular, we required maternity cover – not a full time solution”.

Prior to their partnership with ACR, Preim recruited in-house, before finding that they needed expert help to get the most from their search.

“I was amazed at how difficult recruitment can be. Everything from wording adverts to reading CVs took so much time to get it right, and it just took too long.”

Bernadette decided it would be a better use of her time to employ a recruitment agency.

“We chose to work with ACR as they’re really local to our offices. They give the personal touch with recruitment, and were really responsive.”

Preim hadn’t worked with a recruitment agency before and were pleasantly surprised with the transparency ACR offered.

“Every conversation we had with our recruitment partners was straightforward and professional. They were upfront with their terms, and we felt confident they could handle our needs well.”

Initially, Bernadette required a temporary member of staff to cover maternity leave. It would be the first of three temps for Preim, sourced by ACR, which would turn into a permanent member of staff.

Monika started with Preim in January 2015 as maternity cover and became a permanent member of staff by June. Josh and Laura joined in March and August respectively, both transitioning to permanent staff in a few short months.

But what do the workers think to their time as temps?

“Everyone I dealt with at ACR was really friendly, and everything progressed really quickly”.

Recruitment case studyLaura started working for Preim, in Business Support, following an interview with ACR, which happened just one day after her initial contact.

“I’d temped before during my time at university, and wanted to try temping before starting a permanent role after graduating. ACR helped me find a role that I really enjoy, and I get on really well with everyone at Preim.”

Josh also joined the Business Support team, following a change in career.

“I decided to leave my previous job for a career change, and needed something fairly quickly. I wanted to try temping to fill my gap between jobs, but ended up enjoying it so much I’ve stayed.”

Josh had an interview with ACR before another at Preim, and felt he learned a lot about temporary work from the ACR recruitment partners.

“They explained what temping was like, and what to expect if there was a gap between temporary project work. They even called me to see how everything was going after I’d settled in at Preim, and offered plenty of advice about transitioning from temporary to permanent within the same business.”

Since hiring Monika, Laura and Josh, Bernadette has really noticed the difference.

“We’ve had customers commenting on how helpful they are, which is always great. We’ve noticed the difference in the business, and they’ve each really fitted in to the team. We wanted self-starting, dynamic team members – which is definitely what we’ve got!”

Advice for businesses contemplating temps

“If you’re looking for temps, make sure you’re clear when you scope their role, and what you want them to do. Defining this early on allows them to settle in quickly, and know their role within your business.”

“Temping enables you to assess how well the new staff member gels with your existing team – and that can be critical in getting the right placement,” added Bernadette.

If you are considering hiring temporary staff, find out more about how we can help.