Excel Flexi-Time Calculator: Make sure you keep track of flexible working hours

We all know that the laws surrounding flexible working changed dramatically in 2014 so that all employees had the right to request flexible working. And we know, from a show of hands at our employment law seminar, that some businesses were immediately inundated with requests for working hours to change and flexible working to be considered.

For HR managers, especially in smaller businesses, that can mean a lot more admin work and a lot of time spent analysing how to manage flexible working hours.

That’s why we’ve designed a free downloadable Excel flexi-time calculator.

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Flexi Time Calculator

Our flexi-time calculator and spreadsheet is different from others online: you can download it and edit it as and when you need (that means you can change the number of working days in the month, add in your own company logo, make changes to core hours and much, much more).

Every business is different, which is why we’ve made our flexi-time calculator, well, flexible!

Here at Anne Corder Recruitment we like to nurture our relationships with clients, which is why we try to offer as much added value to our services as possible. This free Excel flexi-time calculator is just one example. Find out more about our added value services.

For now, there are a few bits and pieces that may make using our flexi-time calculator a little easier:

  1. You can adjust the number of hours in your standard working day. This will automatically update the rest of the sheet.
  2. The option to ‘Tick if in debit’ is for when you owe hours from the previous month. In other words, if your flexi-time sheet from the previous month is red in cell N32, then tick the box.
  3. If you are in credit of hours (you have worked extra hours in the previous month) then leave the ‘tick if in debit’ box unchecked. The cell in N32 from your previous month should be green if this is the case.
  4. Always enter time in a 24 hour clock format e.g. 15:30 for half three in the afternoon. If your time is in the morning, before 10am, enter the time with a zero at the beginning e.g. 09:00
  5. Always use a semi colon (:) to separate hours from minutes when you enter your time.
  6. The column for Credit Adjustments is for when you make use of your holiday allowance, sickness, approved absences and bank holidays. Simply enter the number of hours that have been used into the column and provide a comment to fully explain why those hours were used.
  7. You can extend the number of working days in the month easily by extending the columns A to S appropriately. You will need to ensure the formula is copied into any new rows created for each of the columns. Also ensure that the Balance Carried forward formula is updated appropriately.
  8. To change the date that the flexi time sheet starts, simply enter the new date into the week commencing box.

Please note that there are formulas throughout the spreadsheet, and these all help to make the calculations work effectively and accurately. When updating the sheet with new columns, rows or cells make sure that you update any corresponding formulas at the same time.

The calculator is specially designed for both HR managers looking to manage their employees’ times, and for employees looking for an easy way to keep on top of their hours – so why not download it today?