Flexible Working in Peterborough


In our 2014 Employment Law Seminar with Hegarty LLP Solicitors we covered the very topical subject of the ‘right to request flexible working’.

From the responses we received following the seminar, it was clear that the new legislation was a point of debate amongst employers. However, since the 30 June 2014 it’s become clear that flexible working has also become a job benefit that employers can leverage to their advantage.

We meet new job seekers every day here at Anne Corder Recruitment. Since June 2014 we’ve seen an increasing trend towards individuals stating flexible working as a very desirable, if not necessary, job benefit. The appetite for flexible working has been growing.

That’s why we’ve launched a flexible working in Peterborough campaign.

We’ve asked local job seekers, from Peterborough, wider Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Rutland and nearby areas, how they feel about flexible working – and whether it would sway them to accept one job offer over another.

The current job market is candidate driven. There’s huge competition for employers to secure the very best candidates. As a result, our flexible working campaign is aimed at helping you to decide whether flexible working could help with your recruitment and retention.

Browse through our survey results to reveal what both current job seekers and employers said about flexible working in Peterborough. If you found the results useful, why not share them via social media using the hashtag #FlexiWorkPboro?

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You can find out more about the right to request flexible working and how it may impact an organisation in Anne’s blog: The Right to Request Flexible Working

74% of job seekers named flexible working as the most important job benefit to them

14% of respondents named a pension as the most important job benefit.

Just 3.85% said health insurance was more important.

No respondents chose a company car as the most important job benefit.

Good annual leave entitlement was a popular ‘other’ job benefit, with “normal hours” and a “good work life balance” also being named as priorities.

Half of respondents HAVE asked their employer for flexible working

36% of those who said they have requested flexible working asked before the ‘right to request flexible working’ was introduced on 30 June 2014.

14% had requested flexible working after 30 June 2014.

Only 3% of job seekers said they would never consider flexible working hours

From that 3%, reasons why they wouldn’t consider flexible working include:

The lack of commitments and regularity

And the belief that flexible working is in fact beneficial for the employer and not the employee.

Of those who said they would consider requesting flexible working, 77% said ‘yes’ they definitely would consider it.

21% said they wouldn’t right now, but may do in the future.

Of those who said they would consider flexible working, 43% said they would be willing to take up to a 5% pay cut to have flexible working hours

Surprisingly, the most popular use for flexible working days would be to lengthen midweek days to have a longer weekend with 41% naming it as their preferred option. As oppose to 35% who said they would use flexible working hours to manage childcare arrangements.

26% said they would use the flexibility to enjoy the occasional midweek afternoon or morning off.

The remaining respondents said they would use flexible working for reasons including:

Making work fit around their life, not vice versa

To work four days, with one day off in the middle of the week

To be able to be at home for personal appointments

To support and care for elderly parents

To provide disability care

And to take up community voluntary roles

43% of Peterborough employers said they offer flexible working to all employees

With another 43% saying they only offer flexible working to those who request it and if there would be no detriment to their organisation.

100% of employers said that they were not concerned about the impact of the introduction of the ‘right to request flexible working’ on their organisation or department

With these results in mind, how do you feel about flexible working? Tweet us your thoughts @ACRPeterborough and let us know.

If you’re an employer considering introducing flexible working, have a read of Anne’s blog on why it could be a great idea for your organisation.