Staff Appraisal Form: Free Download

Staff appraisals are a vital tool for line managers and HR departments. If they’re done well, appraisals prove invaluable to both employers and employees. Appraisals are an opportunity to identify training needs and areas for personal and professional growth, realigning career paths.

That’s why we’ve produced an appraisal toolkit, complete with staff appraisal forms and tips and advice on completing an appraisal.

As a part of your staff appraisal form download you’ll receive:

  • A Self-Appraisal Form for employees to complete
  • A Staff Appraisal Form for line-managers to complete
  • Tips and advice on conducting effective staff appraisals

Free Staff Appraisal Forms Download

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Performance Appraisal Forms - Free download

The two appraisal forms are fully editable, making it easy to add your corporate branding, whilst giving you the flexibility to expand and reduce spaces as necessary.

The self-appraisal form

What is a self-appraisal form?

A self-appraisal form provides employees with the opportunity to plan for their upcoming appraisal meeting. The form guides the employee through assessing their accomplishments, challenges, highlights and difficulties, as well as probing them to consider their training needs, skills that could be put to use and future ambitions. It also advises employees of the items of supporting evidence they should bring to the appraisal meeting.

How do you write a self-appraisal?

Employees will commonly ask ‘how do I write my self-appraisal?’. The best way to provide guidance is with a self-appraisal form. The self-appraisal should include:

  • A summary of the appraisal meeting details
  • Details of what the employee should bring with them to the appraisal meeting
  • A summary of accomplishments
  • A summary of challenges
  • Highlights from the last 12 months
  • Difficulties during the last 12 months
  • How the employee sees their role developing
  • A list of skills the employee would like to develop
  • Space for other suggestions

It’s critical that employees complete a self-appraisal form. This form provides a unique insight to the manager, allowing them to understand the employee’s performance from their perspective.

It can enable the manager to learn more about the training needs of an employee, their strengths and weaknesses, and their employee experience.

The staff appraisal form

What is a staff appraisal form

A staff appraisal form is a tool used by line managers to evaluate a staff appraisal meeting and summarise the objectives decided on. It often proves to be an invaluable document for tracking employee performance and progression, whilst also being useful for employers so they can easily refer to their objectives.

A staff appraisal form should include:

  • A summary of the appraisal meeting details
  • A review of current performance
  • An assessment of performance
  • Objectives for the individual’s ongoing performance
  • Opportunities for developing the role
  • Career and progression ambitions
  • A signature from both appraiser and employee

Every day we work with HR departments to strengthen and expand their teams. But we know creating an efficient, talented and exceptional team of employees extends beyond the initial recruitment stages. Procedures such as staff appraisals are essential for this very reason and that’s why we wanted to help with a useful download.

Our added value resources, like these performance appraisal forms and toolkit, are an extension of our professional and personal service here at Anne Corder Recruitment.

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