Why use a Recruitment Agency?

If you’re looking to make a new hire, then you’ll probably be weighing up the benefits of outsourcing the recruitment process to a recruitment agency.

With factors such as cost and business values to keep in mind throughout the recruitment process, employers often find themselves trying to keep recruitment in-house.

However, the cost of getting a hire wrong and the benefits of a recruitment agency’s expertise and knowledge significantly outweighs the expenditure. Not to mention that quality recruitment agencies will invest time and effort into getting to know your business, its culture and values to ensure they put forward candidates that are the right fit.

Here’s our list of why using a recruitment agency can benefit your organisation:

  1. Attracting the right candidates

A recruitment agency has a wide range of resources and tools to source and engage high calibre candidates: resources and tools that would prove time-consuming and costly for individual employers.

An agency’s recruitment team will build a pool of exceptional candidates through extensive CV screening, and using techniques such as advertising, marketing, online search software and referral.

If the agency offers a talent attraction service a dedicated talent scout will engage and communicate with potential candidates, whom they’ve specifically identified as talented with highly sought after skills.

  1. A recruitment agency will save you time

Time is money; time spent recruiting takes your team away from their core business duties. Recruitment responsibilities are vast, including:

  • Creating a job description
  • Writing adverts, social media messaging and website copy
  • Designing adverts
  • Liaising with press for publication
  • Receiving applications and sifting through CVs
  • Creating a shortlist, with initial phone interviews if necessary
  • Advising unsuccessful candidates

Recruiting in-house clocks up a lot of time. Managing the influx of CVs alone is a hefty task.

A recruitment agency is not only dedicated to sourcing candidates, they also have efficient and effective procedures to help the process move swiftly – an important factor particularly if your role is operational and time sensitive.

You can find out more about our team of recruitment experts in our Meet the Team profiles.

  1. Saving you money with the right hire

Ultimately, making the wrong hire could also cost you a lot of money. It’s been estimated that hiring the wrong person could cost you 20 to 70 per cent of the individual’s annual salary.

Not to mention that there could be morale and team issues, and a further loss of productivity in the rehiring stage.

The advantages of using a recruitment agency are huge in helping you to make the right hire. Here at Anne Corder Recruitment in Peterborough, we dedicate time and expertise to meeting candidates face-to-face, helping us to get to know them better. Using our trained interview skills, we fact-find with the candidate to understand their ambitions and strengths.

With a wealth of experience in recruitment, agencies are well versed in spotting the candidates who are right for your business.

  1. Understanding the market

Successful recruitment relies on knowledge of the current job market, especially at a local level. For example, if there’s a skills shortage the recruiter will need to employ a particular set of tactics to ensure the process is successful and the right skills are found.

Similarly, recruitment agencies should have knowledge of average salaries and an understanding of what benefits draw candidates in. They will be able to help you tailor your job offerings to attract the right potential hires.

Here at Anne Corder Recruitment we run an annual salary survey for just that reason, whilst similarly running regular polls and surveys to help us understand more about the local market. Not to mention helping to run employment law seminars, lunch and learn workshops and being involved with the local CIPD branch.

  1. A personal service

Finally, quality recruitment agencies will work hard to understand your business. As in this case study with Frontline; understanding business needs and culture all contribute towards a successful hire.

With some organisations conscious that a recruitment agency may not be familiar with their culture and values, it’s even more important that they opt for a recruitment agency that works to understand them.

If you’ve still got a question about why companies use recruitment agencies, have a read of our case studies to discover the results we achieve for our clients. Or simply get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help.