Digital remains key recruitment driver for 2016

So, here we are in 2016! And what a year it’s already shaping up to be in recruitment – the new business requisitions are already flying in thick and fast at ACR.

As always, it is important to raise your head above the parapet and familiarise yourself with local and national recruitment trends to ensure the right strategies are being implemented in-house, and you and your HR team are ready for the new wave of 2016 requirements.

Here, Joanne Copeland take a look and some of the key tools and trends for 2016, and how your business can angle itself towards the best talent on the market.

The headline is that 2016 will see a continuation of key trends from last year (take a look at my predications for 2015 here); we are still seeing a candidate-driven market, which means business visibility is more important than ever. And the way to achieve this? Digital, digital and more digital!

Recruiter engagement and your digital footprint

digital footprintAs recruiters, we now have to be even more creative and engaging than ever on social media. As social platforms are becoming more sophisticated, recruiters need to aware of how and what they are posting – content needs to be highly engaging to impress both active and passive job candidates.

Recruiters need to be accessible – they need to have good visibility across social media and be very clear about how candidates can get in touch to discuss a new role or their skill set.

Crucially, all of this means recruiters have to start tracking and improving their own digital footprint.


LinkedIn now has even more capability! It is no longer enough to upload a photo and write a small bit about what you and/or your company is up to – go one step further and link to presentations through Slideshare (, showcase videos, portfolios project files and other useful information.

LinkedIn is a great way to impress potential candidates of the future, demonstrating just how progressive your organisation is.

Keywords – don’t forget the basics!

It’s vital to review all communications going out to the job market (be it an advert, tweet, or Facebook post) and use the correct keywords to boost interest. Using the right language will raise your organisation’s credibility within the market, candidates will be more interested and this should send more traffic your way, and in turn create more applications for those hard-to-fill roles.

Select your keywords carefully, using the job description and double-checking with recruitment colleagues to ensure that they are current and relevant to your industry.

Utilising referral schemes to bring recruitment savings

Referral schemes are a proven way to recruit smartly, and should be part of every larger businesses’ make up.

Do you have a referral scheme in place and encourage your employees to get involved? If not, what steps could you take to put this in place?

The benefits of these schemes can be immense; they reduce time to hire, increase loyalty and bring in new people with tried and trusted skill sets. All of which is positive, positive positive!

Keep tweeting!


Twitter continues to be a very powerful tool for employers to use to bring in new and interesting candidates.

It is important to make your tweets concise and eye-catching, while maintaining your online brand. To build on this brand and reputation, don’t forget to follow and engage with important, well-respected leaders in your sector.


The average user spends 15 minutes on YouTube each day… So do not underestimate the reach of a great video – they are fantastic tools to sell your company and its benefits.

Many businesses, educational institutions and even the military successfully use YouTube to hire candidates.

Take a look at one of ACR’s new YouTube videos here – we created this engaging animated film to showcase our fantastic in-house talent scout service. You can also find out more about our dedicated talent service on our website.

Wrapping up our forecast

To summarise, technology continues to exert a great impact on the recruitment industry, digital activity is paramount and digital channels will continue to drive innovation through 2016 and beyond.

Going into 2016, we are still seeing a candidate-driven market – like it or lump it, there are more skilled candidates than jobs in the market and recruiters have to move quickly so they do not lose out on good new talent.

Finally, as ever, don’t forget to keep your eye on the competition in your sector – staying abreast of what your competitors are doing acts as a good gauge to see if you should be doing more in all facets of the recruitment cycle.

Good luck for the new year, happy recruiting!

About the Author

Anne Corder

Anne Corder


Whilst still actively handling recruitment assignments, Anne specialises in Human Resources with many years of experience in that sector. She blogs on wider recruitment issues affecting both candidates and clients, commenting and offering tips and advice to help achieve the right outcomes.