Employers Take Note: How NOT to Interview Candidates

You would think that as the UK’s largest electrical retailer that Curry’s might know a thing or two about appropriate interview protocol. Yet recent media reports have revealed that a rather worryingly unconventional technique was used during a group interview at the company’s Cardiff store, where the candidates were asked to demonstrate their dancing abilities.

A number of articles, including this one here by the Independent have commented on graduate Alan Bacon’s shock and humiliation after being asked to dance to rap music during his interview. Alan said he felt he had ‘little choice’ after having been rejected from other jobs elsewhere due to fierce competition.

Having to do so had a negative effect on Alan, who had prepared properly for what he thought would be a normal face-to-face interview – spending time researching the company and reading up on new product launches.

This is exemplary behaviour from a candidate, which only serves to more strongly highlight the unorthodox approach taken by the store manager in question.

While Currys has publically apologised to all of the interviewees involved and invited them to attend another, more appropriate interview, it appears to be too little, too late for Alan who reportedly said he would not be taking them up on their offer.

It is an important lesson for Currys, who will now need to seriously review the way in which their recruitment policies are communicated both internally and externally.

Only by businesses choosing the right interviewing methods and processes, and investing the time and effort required to implement them effectively, can they hope to become a respected and sought-after employer of choice.

Our advice? Remember that you’re selling your business to candidates in the same way as you expect them to sell themselves to you; pitch it right and you’ll reap the rewards.

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Anne Corder

Anne Corder


Whilst still actively handling recruitment assignments, Anne specialises in Human Resources with many years of experience in that sector. She blogs on wider recruitment issues affecting both candidates and clients, commenting and offering tips and advice to help achieve the right outcomes.