Engaging temporary staff could improve work/life balance

With millions of parents now tasked with juggling the daily demands of their job and home schooling – company bosses could curb the challenges by engaging temporary staff.

Rather than fitting the working day around the school run, flexible working for many now means altering their working hours to look after, and educate, their children, using some of their 9 to 5 time to fit in lessons at home – or starting work earlier and/or finishing later. In a household where there is a single parent or both parents work, this can be even more challenging.

However, engaging temporary staff at this time has taken on new set of benefits for employers to lessen the pressure on their current workforce. Company bosses are now in a position to not only keep their productivity to a maximum during this period of uncertainty, but to also offer welcomed contracts to many people who may otherwise be unable to put their skills to good use in the current climate.

Flexibility is the key advantage of temporary staff. Temps can be utilised to cover a variety of roles for anything from a few hours to several months – not to mention the benefits of bringing fresh ideas, new perspectives, strategic influence and – appropriately in these current times – an extra resource.

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It’s crucial to remember that even though you and your workforce might be navigating new territory – as many of us are – it’s important not to make your recruitment process any less rigorous. Getting the candidate with the required approach, experience and qualifications, not to mention someone who is well aligned with your company culture, remains a priority, as the wrong hire in this time could have far reaching consequences.

While recruiting and onboarding a new member of staff while working remotely is unknown to many of us, it is possible to achieve, and can go ahead smoothly, with little disruption.

By working with the right recruitment agency, you can have peace of mind that temps still undergo rigorous interviews and testing to make sure they can deliver the correct skill set to carefully match individual skills with business requirements.

This means businesses are always getting exactly what they need to fulfil a certain role.

Temporary staff are generally charged at an hourly or daily rate which will vary depending upon experience and the nature of the client’s needs. This can help when managing a tight payroll budget.

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