Ethical recruitment: more than just a buzz-term.

The rise of ethical recruitment started after the recession. Recruiters had to be less focussed on the financial and transactional side of recruitment to succeed, and those with a strong grasp on ethical practices emerged from the downturn, focussed on strong client relationships, and the future.

What’s the key to ethical recruitment?

Ethical recruiters are honest, transparent and respectful of their clients. Some recruiters chose to put job seekers forward for a role that doesn’t suit them just to fill a role quickly, but honest recruiters believe getting to know you better means they can focus more on relationships, rather than targets.

Choosing to work with an ethical recruiter

Valued candidates are happy candidates. Being honest about their options, and fully preparing them for suitable roles, will make them feel more confident in an interview and allow recruiters to match the best candidates for the best roles. Being ethical comes hand in hand with our daily practices, and the way we interact with you.

The benefits to ethical recruitment

A great experience for everyone. Employing ethical processes is a benefit for both businesses and recruitment agencies. Transparency in the way recruiters operate means you know what’s happening and when, and it also means recruiters can carry out their roles with confidence and support.

Being ethical is attractive. Honest processes mean ethical recruiters are often highly sought after by candidates. This allows them to work with some of the best candidates available, and place them in the right role.

Honesty all round. It’s about being honest with businesses about their options, and being honest with the candidates at every stage of their job search. If recruiters weren’t, they would be leading people on and making false promises. We would rather place candidates in the best role, not just the only role right now.

Looking forward: the future of honest recruiting

This might be the first you’ve heard about ethical recruitment, but it’s set to increase in demand over the next few years. Not just an expectation from businesses like yours, but from candidates searching for a transparent recruitment agency, and a more fruitful job search.

Protect your brand image. Ensuring ethical practices can ensure brand reputation is preserved for years to come. We’ve always believed in an honest approach, but now we practice what we preach it’s easy to pass this on to the candidates we place in roles at your business.

CSR and ethics. Corporate social responsibility and ethical processes will work closely together, and shape other business processes. Being a caring recruiter means looking after your business, and the community – something which will only increase in importance in years to come.

Tracking and reviewing the effectiveness of ethics. More businesses will participate in ethical processes, and begin to track their effectiveness. We follow the ethics principles currently set out by The Recruitment and Employment Confederation, and everything we do is verified by ISO accreditations, and will continue to be into the future.

Building lasting relationships. Candidates will focus their search for recruiters they can build relationships with. It won’t just be about finding a stop-gap job, but finding a lasting career, with a business they can trust.

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About the Author

Anne Corder

Anne Corder


Whilst still actively handling recruitment assignments, Anne specialises in Human Resources with many years of experience in that sector. She blogs on wider recruitment issues affecting both candidates and clients, commenting and offering tips and advice to help achieve the right outcomes.