Never considered hiring temps before? Here are 5 reasons why you should

Despite their benefits being praised time and time again, many employers still shy away from using temporary workers.

Often we’ll have clients come to us looking specifically for a permanent member of staff. Once we’ve learnt more about their requirements it often becomes clear that they would, in fact, benefit from hiring temporary support instead.

If you haven’t considered hiring temps before or if you’re unsure about whether it will be beneficial for your organisation, keep reading my top five reasons why temps could work for you…


Perhaps one of the key reasons why employers choose to hire temporary staff is because it can offer unrivalled flexibility.

It’s crucial for organisations to have strategies and a talent pipeline in place to help manage the natural fluctuations in any workforce. But sometimes staffing requirements are unexpected and urgent. Whether it’s due to an increase in business or the unexpected departure of an employee, sometimes it’s simply unavoidable that you need new people in your organisation and quickly.

Temporary workers could be the solution.

A temp agency will have a database of temporary workers ready to assign to your business at short notice. They’ll be familiar with the tight timeframe organisations often have to work to.

Similarly, when there is no longer the need for the additional support provided by temps, you will be able to adapt your workforce accordingly.


One of the common myths about temp workers is that they only help to boost a company’s bottom line.

Although this is one reason to hire temporary workers, it is not the only reason.

Temporary workers can also bring strategic support, consultancy and project management when required. For example, in this candidate success story, our client Travelex benefited from the HR expertise and experience a six-month placement could bring them.

In many instances, temporary workers can bring a new set of eyes to an organisation – offering the chance to reassess inefficient processes or introduce a new approach.

Vet potential future staff

Many organisations also recognise the benefits of hiring temporary staff as a way of establishing whether the individual could be a good, permanent addition to a team.

Initially hiring individuals on a temporary basis allows employers to see how they work with their current team and whether there is, ultimately, the demand for a permanent member of staff.

Engaged workers

Again, many employers worry that temporary workers will not be as engaged as permanent members of staff – but we know this to be untrue.

Many experts call it the ‘gig economy’ and it’s been a big trend talked about in the media a lot over the last year. The reality is, the ‘gig economy’ is simply a rise in the number of workers choosing temporary and contract placements for the added flexibility and control over work-life balance that they can offer.

As a result, temporary workers are more engaged than ever – they are satisfied with their choice of temp work and as a result are dedicated to the tasks in hand. The benefits of temporary work have been heralded in recent months. Yet this story with a long-term ACR temp shows that the benefits have always been there.

And the benefits don’t just stop at the temporary workers themselves. Many organisations report using temporary workers helps to re-engage current, permanent employees. If workloads have been rising, then temporary workers can offer much needed support to your permanent team members – helping them to do their job to the best of their ability.

Try something new

One of the lesser-known benefits of using temporary workers is that it can also help your organisation to expand or try something new. Just as temporary workers can help support your organisation when urgent requirements arise, they can also play a crucial role in more strategic moves.

If you are looking to extend your offering then you may not want the commitment of hiring a permanent member of staff outright. Using a temporary worker could be a solution, allowing you to assess the success of the expansion and the demand for on going increases in your workforce.

All in all, temporary workers can be a huge benefit to organisations in a number of different scenarios, bringing flexibility, expertise, potential and high levels of engagement.

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Alternatively, find out more about temporary staff here.

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