How could temporary staff transform your business during the pandemic?

As we move through another lockdown, many businesses will be finding these times equally – if not more – challenging that the first time around.

Sadly, some companies may have already had to take the difficult decision to make colleagues redundant and have furloughed others for a second time.

However, even for those business with time sensitive projects that need completing, productivity targets that need hitting and many other jobs that need doing in the run up to Christmas – engaging temporary staff is as an important option as ever, offering welcomed support in huge range of roles; even specialist positions.

When it comes to staffing and recruiting for positions, 2020 has thrown a lot of challenges at businesses. The uncertainty caused by lockdowns has meant that many hiring managers have had to pause new hires.

However, as the year has progressed, there are different opportunities and needs for staffing and temporary staff can be a great way to plug skills or resources gaps within your business.

Benefits of temporary staff, and how they’ll support your business during the pandemic

The latest figures to be released by the ONS show that from June to August 2020, there were 1.45 million temporary staff working in the UK – a 4.1 per cent rise in the figure for the same time last year.

The pandemic has arguably seen a shift in importance placed around engaging temporary staff; with the ongoing working from home situation giving increased flexibility.

The key advantage of temporary staff is this flexibility. Temps can be utilised to cover a wide range of roles for anything from a few hours to several months – not to mention the benefits of bringing fresh ideas, new perspectives, strategic influence and, appropriately in these current times, an extra resource.

Temporary staff are often very experienced and knowledgeable in their areas, too. Often, they are experienced in their chosen careers and have chosen to undertake temporary roles in order to have more flexibility and a good work-life balance. Therefore, temps can also give you the opportunity to explore new avenues and, in fact, really add value to your business. If you’re looking for some short-term expertise in a certain area of your business, or need someone to lead on a specific project, a temp is the perfect choice to perform in that role.

Company bosses may also be in a position to not only keep their productivity to a maximum during this period of uncertainty but to also offer welcomed contracts to many people who may otherwise be unable to put their skills to good use in the current climate.

And as temps are usually charged at an hourly or daily rate, it’s easy to keep a tight eye on the finances of temps and budget for their time at your company – another reason why hiring temps during the coronavirus pandemic could be beneficial for companies that have remained in operation and can continue to trade.

From temp to perm

Engaging temp staff is also a good way to introduce someone to the business and potentially make their position permanent in the future. Whether that initial temporary period is for a week, a month or a quarter, it gives the hiring manager and team the chance to see whether this member of staff will add value and fit in. Likewise, it allows the company to assess whether a certain position in the company can justify a full time, permanent job position, or whether it is more suited to remain as a temporary role.

Your recruitment partner going the extra mile

By working with a trusted, expert recruitment company, you can be sure you will be getting only the very best temporary staff for your business – and a perfect match between business and candidate.

Our temps undergo rigorous interviews and testing to make sure they can deliver the correct skill set to carefully match individual skills with business requirements. This means businesses are always getting exactly what they need to fulfil a certain role.

And in addition to our team conducting any necessary pre-employment checks on behalf of our clients, as well as interviews – we are committed to going the extra mile.

In these ongoing times of working from home where wellbeing, comfort, health and safety are paramount, an employment business like Anne Corder Recruitment can support temporary workers in creating an adequate and safe area to work. This includes conducting a virtual risk assessment in order to add value and promote best practice.

As we enter another uncertain period for the economy, an extra temp resource could help bridge the gap during these times.

Get in touch with the team on 01733 235 298 or email for a chat about your business needs and discover how specialist temp workers can help your business.

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Anne Corder


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