How temp staff can help your business bounce back

2020 has undoubtedly been disruptive to businesses up and down the UK. While many companies reacted and responded quickly and appropriately, implementing remote and flexible working practices, it simply wasn’t possible for all businesses to follow suit.

It’s no secret that many organisations had to close temporarily because of COVID19 or furlough staff. With employers phasing the return of these staff members, they may need to increase the number of employees to meet the immediate demands of the business and workload fluctuations. In these cases, a workforce supplemented by temporary staff can provide the labour and skills needed, without a long-term financial commitment.

Below, we’ve outlined why temporary staff might provide resilience and flexibility to help your business navigate through the current unique economic landscape.


A scalable workforce

In May 2020, the Government issued its roadmap for a phased return of businesses in the coming months. Now employers are focussing on the safest and most effective ways of re-opening, short-term and long-term employment will likely be a focus. If the need for work is only going to be short term due to changes in the business or if the workload has increased, then temporary staff can ensure you fulfil demand and meet customer expectations.

By engaging temporary staff, you can scale your workforce up and down as your business requires, at short notice. This is especially useful over the summer period where your full-time staff will likely be taking annual leave as standard. Furloughed staff that are returning to work will still have annual leave to take before the end of the year – and temporary staff can help to plug the resource gap.


Short time-to-hire

Traditionally, hiring permanent employees can be a lengthy process – but hiring temporary staff is far quicker, avoiding notice periods and interviews. Reputable temping agencies will have a pool of high-quality, skilled temporary workers that have already passed the necessary checks. So, they can be with you, ready to work, the very next day.

Want to learn more about temporary workers? Our dedicated Temporary Staff page provides more information.


Cost control

Temporary staff can provide new skills and resource when required, without placing long-term financial strain on employers. This can help them navigate through uncertain times. By using temporary staff, you can increase your workforce without a long-term commitment.


Specialist skills and perspective

Bringing in new staff means that you will be able to utilise valuable skills and a fresh perspective. This offers a unique view of existing processes, making them more productive and efficient. This could be particularly useful if you are kickstarting operations after a quiet period.

If COVID19 has encouraged you to expand into new markets and diversify your business offering, then temporary workers can provide the specialist skills to support this. On the other hand, if you’re scaling back for the period post lockdown, You can introduce highly skilled people for an interim period, in positions that you might not need full time. For instance, HR, if you need to make redundancies and restructure positions as an effect of COVID19.


Long term workforce benefits

Many temporary members of the team often go on to become full-time staff. By building a team of temporary workers, you can soon identify the individuals that will become pivotal members of your business, ensuring long-term success to drive growth with little risk.

We hope this provides some insight into the benefits of leveraging the power, knowledge and skillset of temporary workers. If you think that your business would benefit from this kind of flexibility and scalability, Anne Corder Recruitment has access to expert temporary staff across a range of specialisms including HR, IT, Finance, Marketing & PR, Learning & Development, Project Management and more. Get in touch today to find out how the team can help you to build a workforce that meets your current business needs.

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Nel Woolcott

Nel Woolcott

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