Leveraging a culture of learning and development to boost recruitment

It’s an interesting connection between learning and productivity, and it’s one that has been increasingly debated as of late. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development recently released a report, which raised a flag to many businesses about the importance of providing continued learning to foster a happier, more productive workforce.

With leading bodies like the CIPD calling for businesses to integrate learning into their everyday processes and activities, we began to think about the impact such an approach could have, not only on productivity, but on recruitment too.

In our experience, a positive culture of learning and development is often a huge strength for employers looking to attract high quality candidates. If you are taking heed of the CIPD’s advice, or if you’re one step ahead and already have a progressive approach to employee learning, then make sure you are leveraging it to help your recruitment too…

Regardless of whether you champion more formal training courses or integrated, daily learning, it’s crucial that you tap into it to help attract new talent.

Clearly explain your approach to learning

Look at the information made available to candidates during your hiring process. Does it accurately describe your culture of learning and the benefits it offers employees?

In your job descriptions include a brief explanation of what makes your company culture different from others. If your business has a forward-thinking approach to learning, you will want to be attracting candidates who are hungry for on going development – so make sure you mention it when you’re searching for the next employee to join your team!

Make sure you talk about the importance of learning in your workplace, how you support employees to gain new skills and foster their ambitions within your business.

Promote learning opportunities within your business

Think about how you promote the learning opportunities a little wider too. Could you use social media, such as LinkedIn, to showcase the support you provide to candidates to continuously progress and advance their skills?

Celebrate your team successes, whether that is the completion of an apprenticeship or a team member winning an industry-recognised award. There are many success stories in every business, which demonstrate employees advancing their knowledge.

Improving retention and your talent pipeline

Learning is equally important to your retention. If you have successfully recruited a talented employee you will want to nurture them throughout your business and give them the opportunities to realise their potential. In turn, job satisfaction is believed to be more likely to follow.

Progressing and developing individuals through your business also provides you with an opportunity to carefully plan and manage your talent pipeline – allowing you to target recruitment effectively and proactively.

A standout quality of your employer brand

With the CIPD report suggesting “genuine learning organisations facilitate and sustain greater organisational impact from learning” it is also clear these types of businesses are exciting places to work. They encourage innovation and collaboration – all-important factors for ambitious, eager to succeed, job seekers.

A healthy attitude towards on going development can be pivotal to you company’s workplace culture and, in turn, it can be a standout quality of your employer brand. Make sure you champion its role within your business to help support your future recruitment and current retention.

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Zoe Ferris

Zoe Ferris

Recruitment Partner