[Infographic] Peterborough salaries are on the up…but are you staying competitive?

The results of our 2014 Salary Survey, completed in partnership with Paydata, are in!

Every year employers use the results of our salary survey as another tool to help them make competitive salary decisions. With a range of businesses contributing to the survey, from SMEs to global enterprises, the results of this year’s survey make for interesting reading: the majority of salaries increased between 1.5% and 4.0% in the last 12 months.

This news comes as UK-wide trends highlight wage increases hovering around the 1.2% inflation rate, showing Peterborough is in line with or slightly above national figures.

To help you digest the headlines statistics we’ve put together an infographic packed with the data you need to know to help you stay competitive and retain your staff.

You can also download the 2014 summary report, which we’ll upload on our Salary Survey page soon. Remember, participants of the survey receive exclusive access to a full report, including a break down of salaries per role…

So why not register your interest for the 2015 Salary Survey now?

Find out more information about how to take part over on our Salary Survey page.

Salaries in Peterborough, Infographic

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In response to this year’s salary survey results, PayData’s director, Time Kellett explains: “Finance and IT salaries have performed strongly over the past year, alongside specialist marketing roles, such as digital media.

“On the flip side, pay increases for some call centre and warehouse roles have been limited, perhaps as a result of the mix of employers in the local market.

“At the moment, the rate of inflation is unusually low at 1.2% but it’s positive to see Peterborough in line with, and in some cases, surpassing national statistics. It bodes well for the year ahead and we are already looking forward to more encouraging signs in next year’s survey.”


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