What is a talent attraction service and what does it mean for employers?

It has never been truer that a company’s biggest asset is its people. As an employer you’re willing to invest time, money and effort into finding good, talented people who also fit into your organisation and its ethics. Naturally, you’ll want to retain that talent too. And a talent attraction service could be the solution.

In days gone by, you probably would have used the term ‘talent scout’ when talking to a football mad 10 year old with dreams of football greatness and hopes of hearing “the crowd are on the pitch, they think it’s all over – it is now!”

Fast forward a few years and we find an entirely different meaning emerging. Today, a talent scout, headhunter, or talent attraction service is indicative of a company that takes its recruitment seriously.

Here’s our definition of a talent attraction service:

“A talent attraction service is synonymous with headhunting or talent scouting. It is a specific recruitment technique that actively sources the highest calibre candidates.

A talent attraction service may make use of online search software, social media, communications, marketing and word of mouth to identify or attract candidates with extensive expertise in a specific field and industry.”

Let’s drill down into that definition a little more.

As we’ve seen, the terminology and definition of a talent scout has changed over time. And the recruitment landscape has changed with it.

With the advent of the digital age (paper CV? Remind me what that is again?) our industry has moved with the times. Online networking tools – LinkedIn, for example –make talent more apparent but these tools, arguably, haven’t made it any easier to actually tap into that talent.

LinkedIn does have its benefits though. For example, the platform offers genuine insight into the careers of potential employees and even allows sight of recommendations and endorsements. If a previous employer or peer is prepared to go to the effort to write and share opinion on a candidate’s talent and skill set, you can be fairly sure the opinion is a valid one.

Perhaps the next question we’ll be asking next will be: is there still a need for a reference when all companies tend to do is confirm dates and refer to social media as a kind of ‘reference base’. Watch this space for commentary!

With all these innovative practices and the scope of the digital age, it would be easy to presume that the role of a talent scout would be unnecessary. Except it takes real skills to navigate the tools available, to harness their power and achieve the results every employer wants – the successful recruitment of a talented candidate.

But what benefits can a talent attraction service really bring employers?

Here at Anne Corder Recruitment we often get new clients coming to us and saying:

“We’ve got a problem. Our competitors are finding exceptional talent, who are proving instrumental to their success.”

That’s one of the biggest benefits of starting to headhunt – you’ll be on par with your competitors. Not only that, but with exceptional talent attraction you could potentially be ahead of your competitors by drawing highly sought-after candidates to your company.

Not only that, but a talent attraction service is instrumental when recruiting for high-level roles. When filling director roles, or similar, you will have a clear-cut set of requirements. By using a headhunter you can feel reassured that the candidates brought forward have been sourced specifically for your critical role.

In fact, a talent attraction service can work wonders for your recruitment in a number of roles:

  • Need someone to run your charitable trust but can’t find someone with the right skills and fit? Guess what? A headhunter can!
  • Need an ecommerce expert to create your employer brand on line but can’t seem to find them in the local area? Leave it to the talent attraction experts!
  • Need a sales and marketing specialist from a specific sector but find the cost of engaging an executive search and specialist organisation budget busting? Get in touch and we will find that talent for you.

For all of these roles, using a talent attraction service is straightforward:

  1. You share your manpower plan, skills gaps and succession plans with the recruiter.
  2. A quick dialogue should identify quickly where the “hard to hires” are.
  3. Then you let the experts do the candidate sourcing for you. Our talent attraction specialist, Emma Plummer, will attach her talent spotting goggles and get to work.  The result will be that talent is pipelined to your business to fill gaps – before they appear.

To steal a quote from our local friendly meerkats – “simples”!


About the Author

Nel Woolcott

Nel Woolcott

Recruitment Partner

Heading up the recruitment partner team and overseeing operational activity here at ACR, Nel has experience in permanent and temporary recruitment in a wide range of industries and sectors. In her blogs, Nel offers her tips and advice to candidates and employers, drawing on her expertise and knowledge in all areas of recruitment.