Why temp workers can make great brand ambassadors

Many companies and industries rely on the recruitment of temporary or contract workers. This can be to help them fill gaps in the team (due to illness or maternity leave, for example) or to help them during busy times.

These busy times might come about for a variety of reasons and be due to anything from the nature of the industry in which they operate, right through to changes or amendments in government legislation, which can leave companies in a position where they need to make lots of changes in a small space of time.

Temp workers experience the workings of many offices or organisations and are likely to chat about their experiences to recruiters, other employers and their friends and family. Therefore, treating them like one of the team and making them feel welcome can really benefit your company’s reputation on the local employment scene.

Turning temps into ambassadors for your company

Temporary workers may be with a company for a few weeks, or a few years! But either way, one thing’s for sure – they get a great snapshot of the internal operations, culture and staff satisfaction within an organisation. They’ll probably pass this information on to the people they meet in their next placement, and feedback to their temping agency, too, so it’s essential to ensure you value your temporary workers in the same way you would your permanent personnel.

So, what are some of the ways you can ensure your temp workers feel valued, and part of the team, even if only for a short while?

  • Do an office/workplace walkaround – show your temp worker the different areas of the workplace, where they can get tea/coffee, introduce them to key managers or team members who they may need to know (finance, health and safety etc), and introduce the rest of the team to the new starter.
  • Have their equipment ready when they start – whether it’s a laptop, desk or chair, having IT set up for when your new temp staff arrives helps them feel settled, and means they can get on with working straight away (after they’ve been shown around!).
  • Invite them to staff events or socials – whether that’s a get together at lunchtime in the office, or a drink after work on a Friday evening, invite your temp worker(s) along to get to know the team, and make their time at your company enjoyable.
  • Highlight some key contacts for your temp staff – it may be yourself as the business owner/hiring manager, but if not, introduce your temp staff to someone in the team they’re working in, or to someone who will be sitting near them in the office, as a ‘go-to’ person for their questions (do make sure this is one of your more personable, friendly members of staff!).

Why do people choose to do temp work?

There are many reasons people choose to take on temporary work. It may be to bridge the gap between permanent roles, for example, if someone is made redundant or moving locations. On the other hand, it may be a more long-term employment decision on the side of the worker. It could be down to taking on some work to fund home improvements, a wedding or a family holiday, to supplement a part-time job or to have the opportunity to engage in a more flexible, varied work life. So be sure to bear this in mind when talking to temp staff – get to know them and understand their situation to help them settle and support them where necessary.

Why do companies look for temporary staff?

Companies in all industries can benefit from temp staff to help their business run more smoothly. This may to be to cover annual leave of essential roles (for example, receptionists or exec assistants) or to perform a vacant job whilst the company looks for a suitable permanent replacement. It may also be a beneficial way to help deliver good service in peak times – companies like Amazon, the Post Office and many high-street retailers recruit temporary staff over the Christmas period to cope with increased demand.

Temporary staff can also help companies manage unexpected increases in workloads – for example if a big contract is agreed or the company wins a new client that they’re not quite equipped for, but don’t want to turn down. Temp workers can help bridge the gap whilst the required staff are put in place.

Whether manufacturing, FMCG, trade, office work, agricultural, hospitality, tourism or any other industry, temporary workers are a key part of the UK workforce. You can make this staffing strategy work well for your company, especially by building good relationships with local recruitment companies who have a database of skilled and hardworking people specifically looking for temporary work.

Transform your temporary staffing strategy

By making your temporary workers feel welcome and part of the team, you’ll benefit everyone. However, if a temp worker feels unsettled or unhappy in a placement, they may choose to not go in the next day, or the next week, especially if there are other work offers they can take up. They may then tell other people they meet at work, or in their personal life about how they felt, and it may affect how companies are perceived locally, which may impact future hiring of both temporary and permanent workers.

If you want to work with a recruitment company that will ensure you get the very best temporary staff for your business, or you haven’t used temps before, but are looking to leverage the knowledge and work ethic they can bring to your workplace, please do get in touch with us on 01733 235 298 or email info@annecorder.co.uk.

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