The advantages of upskilling

What better time than to embark on a quest of self-improvement and upskilling than when you’re stuck at home during the recent social distancing period? Self-care, self-investment or self-development – there is a movement whereby people take steps to develop their skills and deepen their knowledge to put them ahead in the work-related arena.

This approach of taking control of upskilling can lead to some brilliantly positive results in interviews and your job and can even help establish a sense of self-fulfilment and achievement. So, what’s not to love?! Read on to find out more about why you need to seriously consider upskilling…

What is upskilling?

Upskilling refers to the process of learning new skills to improve your current performance in your job role. It helps pave the way for new opportunities to further your career by advancing skills or addressing any gaps in your arsenal. Moreover, when you learn or improve a skill, you get a great sense of achievement and confidence in both your professional and personal life, which can have a positive impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing, too.

Some further advantages to upskilling include:

It improves the standard of your work

We should all take pride in our work every single day. It’s what makes us good employees (or employers!) and helps establish us as an essential part of the teams we work in. Whether or not you’re in your dream job, it’s vital that you take pride in your work. This gives you a sense of purpose, motivation and satisfaction.

By upskilling, you naturally become more invested in – and dedicated to – the work that you produce. As you learn new skills and understand the industry in which you work, and the evolution it is going through, you can produce work of a higher quality and of more value to the business. It can also help you find innovative ways to improve the efficiency of your work, become better at prioritising and hitting important deadlines – all essential in the fast-paced nature of most industries in this day and age.

You strengthen relationships

By taking the time and commitment to upskill, you demonstrate your commitment and dedication to your career and self-development to those around you.

This enables you to strengthen relationships with those in senior positions who’ll recognise the work upskilling requires and the opportunities it presents. Additionally, your new level of knowledge and understanding means you can offer help to colleagues and add further value when collaborating to make you an integral part of the team.

You reach a new level of understanding about yourself

It’s crucial to have confidence to be able to perform at an optimum level. This enables better decision making and creative thinking, leaving little room for self-doubt. Being able to speak confidently about your job role, priorities, successes and challenges can also achieve buy-in from your audience, whether that’s colleagues, superiors, or clients and gain their support.

By investing in self-development, you learn more about yourself, for instance;

  • What motivates you?
  • What are your workplace values and non-negotiables?
  • What does success look like to you?
  • What behaviours do you want to work on, and how can you achieve this?

The deeper the level of understanding you have about your own values and driving forces, the more you can apply these parts of yourself to your career, meaning it becomes more purposeful, fitting into your wider goals.

You discover new skills and talents

If it wasn’t difficult to predict the path your career would take prior to the COVID19 pandemic, it certainly might be after!

By upskilling, it’s likely you will uncover a talent or passion in an arena that you may not have previously thought about. This in turn highlights new potential career paths and opportunities to enjoy a career that you are passionate about and gives you something tangible and of added value that you can discuss with potential employers at interviews, too.

Investing in your future

Regardless of how much you love your current position, this year has served as a reminder to us all that our future is not guaranteed. As industries and companies have evolved and adapted to the changing landscape, employers might be forced to downsize or restructure their workforce. Being a confident, well-rounded and multi-skilled employee puts you in a very valuable position in cases such as these.

As opportunities arise within your current place of employment, your willingness to learn and develop your skills will stand out and will also look attractive on your CV when it comes to searching for new roles.

There are plenty of resources available to you when looking to upskill. From books and paid-for courses, to e-books, webinars, free online learning and even podcasts, there is a variety of resources available for those working in a range of sectors and disciplines.

This includes The Open University to further yourself in HR, Google Garage for those in digital or marketing roles and for individuals working in the IT sector, MOOC offer paid and free courses. This really is a great time to invest in yourself. If you would like any further help, then a member of our team is always only a phone call away, or you can email discuss the local job market and areas in which you can upskill to improve your CV and help further your job prospects.

About the Author

Anne Corder

Anne Corder


Whilst still actively handling recruitment assignments, Anne specialises in Human Resources with many years of experience in that sector. She blogs on wider recruitment issues affecting both candidates and clients, commenting and offering tips and advice to help achieve the right outcomes.