Working in partnership with HR departments

When Anne Corder worked in an HR role she was on the receiving end of recruitment agency services.  Much of it was inappropriate.  Speculative calls.

Candidates who clearly didn’t have the right skill set.  Others who had not been interviewed.  The aim was to ‘fill’ roles – almost at any cost.

So when she opened the doors of her own agency in 1995, her aim was simple – to bring in-house HR values onto the High Street. In essence, to provide the kind of service she would like to have received from the other side of the fence.

That ethos has helped the agency build a reputation for a quality service in every area of its operation, and it’s one which every member of the team still adheres too.

We don’t just want to know about the role you’ve asked us to fill. We want to understand your business, its culture and the way you work.

With that knowledge, as an independent agency, we have the flexibility to mould our processes to fit your needs. Continuity is key to that and the team which takes the initial brief from you will be the one that fulfills it.

By understanding every aspect of your business, we can ensure we are pinpointing candidates who not only have the right skill set but who are also the right ‘fit’ with your organisation.

Our commitment to you is ongoing. After filling a role, we remain in regular contact with you to monitor and analyse performance.

The pride we take in our work comes from achieving a successful match, something we constantly strive for through our efficient, professional and honest service.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations at all times.

Let us know…

We make it our business to keep up-to-date with the latest news and issues affecting employers. We use our surveys to ask the most pertinent questions concerning the hiring process. Please do take part and share your thoughts with us.

How are you embracing video interviews in the current recruitment climate?

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