When was the last time you benchmarked your salaries? The ACR Salary Survey is the perfect way for Peterborough businesses to gain unique insight into the competitive world of salaries and employee retention.

Anne Corder Recruitment’s annual salary survey has been running for 17 years and as a result, the survey has become a go-to resource for HR departments throughout Peterborough.

If you’re looking to retain your staff, acquire the most talented employees and stay ahead in your industry, then the ACR salary survey is the ideal addition to your HR toolkit.

Each year the salary survey is highly anticipated by a core group of local leading employers, with the insight provided by the survey often proving invaluable to their salary decision making.

It’s easy to take part in the Salary Survey

We’ve had 17 years experience in organising the salary survey for Peterborough, and as a result we’ve learnt how to develop the survey, how businesses can respond and the way we analyse the data.

Today, it’s extremely simple for businesses to participate. All it takes is the completion of an online survey, which can be completed quickly and easily. You can simple upload a payroll document and we’ll do all the analysis with the support of our partners, Paydata.

The survey should only take you between five and ten minutes to complete – so why not take part and stay ahead of other employers in Peterborough?

The 2015 Salary Survey is now open!

Companies taking part in the survey can complete the quick and easy online submission, complete a data sheet or provide a payroll download.

To complete the online survey, click here.

To download the data sheet, click here.

After completing the survey you will be added to an exclusive list of Peterborough businesses that will receive a full breakdown and analysis of the salary survey results. The full report makes the salary survey an extremely worthwhile venture for businesses to complete – with the full report also being released to participants ahead of the general summary release.

If you have any queries about taking part in the 2015 ACR and Paydata Peterborough Salary Survey, please get in touch with us.

The 2014 ACR Salary Survey

The results of the 2014 Salary Survey revealed that Peterborough salaries have increased between 1.% and 4% over a 12 month period, suggesting Peterborough was in line with, and in some cases, surpassing national statistics. The results bode well for next year’s survey with a vast number of local businesses feeling optimistic about improving trends.

The 2014 general summary will be uploaded soon. In the meantime, you can download the general summary for 2013 here.