Great employees will be the ones that excel in their role, exceed expectation and truly drive a business forward. All businesses are looking for the best talent they can find within their budget. And fundamentally, that is the challenge that drives the Anne Corder Recruitment team on a daily basis – seeking out the best candidates for our clients or, also known as, talent acquisition.

Recruitment and talent acquisition are often thought to be synonymous, when in fact they require two different approaches. Recruitment is a strategy used to fill vacancies as they appear, and talent acquisition is a strategic, forward-thinking approach that sees firms looking ahead and focusing on long-term human resource planning, seeking out candidates for roles that require specific skillsets.

We do not wait for assignments to arrive on our desks to seek out candidates – our sourcing is proactive and ongoing to ensure our database is of the very highest calibre.

Head hunting the very best talent for our clients

We have adopted a series of head-hunting techniques to source the best candidates.

Online search software

Anne Corder Recruitment is licensed to use some of the latest leading recruitment search software.

Social media

We use a range of social media outlets to engage with potential candidates including Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and Pinterest.

Communications and PR

We are constantly engaging with our target audience to encourage new talent. This includes e-shots; e-newsletters; media coverage and events. We are also very well connected and networked in the regional business community.

Reputation and referral

We receive a constant stream of CVs – many of which arrive with us following referrals from others who have used our service. The recruitment team at ACR review all CVs; earmark the most promising talent and then set up one-to-one interviews to vet them even further before ‘going live’ on our database.

Our website

Our new website is highly optimised to ensure we are found for key search terms.  That makes us more visible to jobseekers and our advice pages prove a strong draw for those seeking support in their career development planning.

Find out more about our talent attraction service in the video below or contact us on  01733 235298: