The benefits of using temporary staff

The benefits of using temporary staff are extensive.

The key one is flexibility. Temps can be utilised to cover a wide range of roles for anything from a few hours to several months.

A business may be looking to extend their offering but be unsure about whether to make the commitment of employing a permanent member of staff. Hiring temporary staff gives them the opportunity to try out their idea with little risk.

As well as covering a specific role, temps can also add value. Businesses may feel they need a short term injection of expertise in a specific area – a temp can offer that.

Many temps see their role as a career option which offers them flexibility and variety and gives the companies they work for the benefit of lots of experience across a wide range of businesses.

All our temps undergo rigorous interviews and testing to ensure they can deliver the correct skill set and to enable us to carefully match individual skills with requirements. This means businesses are always getting exactly what they need to fulfil a certain role.

Temps are generally charged at an hourly or daily rate which will vary depending upon experience and the nature of the client’s needs. This can help when managing a tight payroll budget.

From a strategic perspective, taking on temps can be a convenient way to vet potential future staff. What better way to find out if someone fits into your culture and shares your ethos than by throwing them into the mix on a temporary basis and seeing how they fare?

Finally, using a temp isn’t about ‘making do’ or finding a ‘cheap option’. Temps provide all the skills, abilities and focus you’d expect from permanent staff but with added flexibility.

Why use interim specialists?

Utilising specialist interim support helps clients lead business change, drive core business objectives and relieve pressured management teams. Interims deliver a cost effective way to attract expertise into an organisation to deliver a specific need.

Anne Corder Recruitment (ACR) interims provide clients with the flexibility to avoid the fixed costs of hiring on a permanent contract, charge less than using traditional management consultants and provide more choice than client’s in-house resources.

Interims add immediate value as they bring relevant experience, cultural insight, skills transfer, and are retained on a contract that enables flexibility to start, stop or extend based upon the needs of the client.

Interims can make professional and commercial sense

Interims are generally charged at a day rate and this will vary depending upon the candidate’s experience and the nature of the client’s needs. When you calculate the actual cost of employment and take into account national insurance, pensions, healthcare, holidays, bonuses, company car, PAYE and other benefits, the cost between a permanent hire and an Interim Specialist is comparable.

The interim specialist is generally hired for a short term, high intensity assignment with a defined start and finish date often with the option of retaining on a part time basis, if that meets the client’s particular needs or budget.

Some recent examples of ACR interim placements…….

  • Interim Head of HR The remit was to identify an interim to provide strategic direction within a large and challenging HR environment. The interim appointed successfully led the restructure of the HR team; providing focus and direction; created and successfully delivered the HR business plan and worked closely with the MD to restructure the senior management team. The assignment achieved the objective to reposition HR as a business partner to deliver excellence and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Interim Project Manager (HR) The remit was to deliver a company wide job evaluation programme within a diverse workforce, following a repositioning and structural change to the HR department. The interim appointed worked alongside a project team to ensure the development of an effective and relevant project plan, adherence to strict assessment criteria, ensured accurate and extensive recording of relevant data and decisions. The assignment was delivered to deadline, and communication to relevant parties achieved. An extension was agreed to allow the interim to undertake the final stage of delivery to the workforce.
  • Interim Finance Manager Appointed to cover a strategic finance role during a period of restructure and recruitment, the interim was responsible for providing advice to the management team to ensure effective delivery of service to budget. The interim lead the team of accountants to deliver year end accounts within strict timelines, whilst advising the management team on all strategic financial decisions, delivering seamless management of the finance function during a significant period of change.

ACR can access interim expertise across a number of specialism’s including:

Finance; HR; IT; Learning & Development; Marketing; PR; Procurement; Program Management; Project Management; and Supply Chain.

If you have a specialist requirement that could be delivered on an interim basis, contact Nel Woolcott at ACR.