Advice for a Peterborough relocation

In this guide we will cover everything that this constantly emerging city has to offer.

There are two main reasons that you are probably looking to relocate: the first is the work itself, economically the UK is going through a period of instability, which usually means less security within a role. Therefore, looking to relocate to a city that has managed to swerve this frugal fragility is high on your job seeker list.

Secondly, cost of living is so high in some areas that it pushes middle wage earners out, leaving those that earn less, struggling to get by. Less than a decade ago, you could be an average income earner and very comfortable but now, for example, Cambridge has become the type of city that is too difficult to buy a home in, which is beginning to show implications for cheaper, smaller, nearby cities such as Ely. The good news is that Peterborough remains unaffected and ticks the box for these two main reasons to relocate.

Peterborough is a wonderful vibrant city, full of history and fun. More importantly, it prides itself on its sense of community. Vivacity is a charity committed to ensuring Peterborough is a better place to live and work, from running a community gym to providing a current ‘What’s on’ event guide, it will serve as your ‘go-to’ place.

You’re about to find that lists are your new best friend and a great asset…so grab a notepad and pen, to get planning your Peterborough relocation.


Advice on networking in Peterborough

Peterborough is rich with networking events, due to a mixture of having a great nightlife scene and attracting diverse businesses, from media giants Bauer Media Group to scientific Coloplast – named as one of the Sunday Times’ top 100 best companies to work for in the UK. Which is why we’ve mixed networking to represent both.

Whether you’re a local or new in town, you might be surprised to see that Eventbrite has everything from mumpreneur groups to Link4Coffee – a chance to rebuild communities, and therefore a brilliant place to start your search.

By far the largest networking group in Peterborough for B2B is, Peterborough Chamber of Commerce which has roughly 4,000 active members, so is suitable for individuals to join too.

There are lots of positive niche groups that spring up in Peterborough too. This networking group is dedicated to women in business and a great way to support other successful women.

Finally, you might be relocating to Peterborough on your own, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay on your own. Check out the local speed dating scene for some injected fun.

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Schools guide – A look at the best education in Peterborough:

Relocating and choosing a new school for your child is probably the most stressful part of any relocation. We know that any upheaval in a child’s education adds to a sense of guilt. However, we want to make it easier by picking out the top performing schools and give a little extra help along the way.

Primary school applications seems to be THE hottest topic in any work staff room. ‘Did your child get your first choice?’ ‘Did you fill the forms correctly?’ And the very real panic of… ‘I think I missed the deadline!’ which is why we’ve looked at what is typical for schools applications in Peterborough.

Dates: Applications begin the September before your child is due to start, and deadlines usually close in January. But don’t panic if you’re suddenly making a move in the middle of a school year. The local council have this informative page to help you with a number of school related queries.

Top schools picks according to several sources:

Primary: The top 5 best performing Primary Schools in Peterborough, according to The Department for Education (DfE) in 2018:

  1. Eye CofE Primary School – 94% percent met expected standard
  2. Sacred Heart RC Primary School 80% percent met expected standard
  3. The Kings (The Cathedral) School 80% percent met expected standard
  4. John Clare Primary School 79% percent met expected standard
  5. Heritage park Primary School 77% percent met expected standard

Secondary: When it comes to secondary schools it should be noted that Peterborough scored -0.07 overall in Progress 8 – rated as ‘below average’ compared to other schools in the country. Read more here. However, Peterborough is making a steady recovery in this area and still has a great mixture of both well performing state schools, independent schools and private schools. Here are the top 5 secondary schools in the area according to the School Guide:

  1. The King’s (The Cathedral) School – achieved a 5* rating
  2. Stanground Academy – achieved a 3* rating
  3. St John Fisher Catholic High School – achieved a 3* rating
  4. Ken Stimpson Community School – achieved a 3* rating
  5. Thomas Deacon Academy – achieved a 3* rating

University: That’s right we’ve got a university section as an added bonus, because most people would be forgiven for thinking there is no university in Peterborough. Since Loughborough University closed its satellite campus in 2003, Peterborough had been left without university status. However, University Centre Peterborough (formally part of Peterborough Regional College) opened in 2009, with degrees awarded by Anglia Ruskin University. Its long-term aim is to be a new university in the city. Courses there range from BSC (HONS) Forensic Investigation to BA (HONS) Archaeology and Landscape History, with students getting to graduate at the world renowned Cathedral, making for a stunning backdrop. Find out more here.

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Restaurant Guide

On the outskirts of Peterborough, in Whittlesey is a family run Italian restaurant called Fontanella and it is one of the top ranking restaurants in Peterborough according to TripAdvisor.

There is a variety of cuisine and even cruising cuisine, with several barge boat restaurants, East restaurant serves a fusion of Oriental cuisines.

Recent years have seen the centre of Peterborough burst into life with lots of new well-known restaurants opening their doors – from Caribbean dishes at Turtle Bay to pasta and pizza at Prezzo! There are plenty of independent restaurants too, with new bars opening up – we highly recommend heading to the Cathedral square one evening to have a look at all that is available.

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Sports Club Guide

Home of the might POSH (that’s Peterborough Football Club for outsiders), Peterborough has a great sports scene that is truly varied. Whether you’re looking to try out, or become an avid fan, check out this non-exhaustive list:

  • Peterborough Sports F.C – Football Club
  • Peterborough Panthers – Motorcycle Speedway
  • Peterborough Phantoms – Ice Hockey
  • Peterborough RUFC – Rugby
  • Peterborough Pirates – Ice Hockey
  • Peterborough Saxons – American Football, or Peterborough Royals – women’s American Football

Peterborough is also home to some superb gyms, to help keep you fit. Starting with the rather exclusive David Lloyd to community gyms, such as Vivacity.

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Local charities – how to volunteer

There are lots of volunteering opportunities in Peterborough so it was hard to pick out some for mentioning, as they are all hugely worthwhile and also serve as a way of meeting people whilst doing something beneficial.

  1. Food Cycle – on a Monday you can volunteer to cook or serve food to those in need of a hot meal.
  2. AGE UK – relies on volunteers, so why not lend a hand and get to know your community whilst helping the elderly.
  3. Vivacity – often has wonderful volunteer options, such as at the local theatre, which means you get to indulge your interests and meet new friends.

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Events guide

Home of the Key Theatre, in Peterborough you can watch your favourite comedian, or catch some ballet, defining ‘something for everyone. Contact the box office for further details:  01733 207239.

Dip your toe into some history with a visit to Flag Fen. Get up close to the archaeology or run around the wide-open spaces amongst the wild life and Soay Sheep. To find out more call: 01733 864468.

So finally, it wouldn’t be an event guide if we didn’t throw a pub or club in. Edwards, Flares and Red Room in Peterborough is a triple threat with a different music room for all three of your moods. We must mention The Met Lounge, because Peterborough has a really great live band rock/alternative music scene. Contact 01733 566100 for further info.

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Where to live

With house prices averaging less than £230,000 (figures from 2018), Peterborough is a desirable place to set up permanent home. With prices being less than the national average, you can expect to own a much larger home in Peterborough.

Places to live according to need:

  • Picturesque/historic areas: Orton Longvuelle/Village, Longthorpe, Werrington Village, Thorney, Castor.
  • Modern developments/with local amenities: Hampton, Cardea.
  • Family Areas/Schools: Orton Wistow, Orton Waterville, Werrington, Netherton, Woodston, South Bretton, Park Farm.

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9 tips on managing a long distance job search

  1. Finding a local recruitment agency that can help you look for local jobs, can help take the pressure off because of one simple fact; they know the new area better than you. Start your job search with us today!
  2. Use your cover letter to explain why you are looking to relocate or include a short note in your CV.
  3. Don’t stop with just a cover letter, change your LinkedIn status and start networking online.
  4. Ask about transport routes. Businesses may be on a business park that requires either your own transport, or excellent transport routes, so do make sure to check.
  5. Check if the company offers a relocation package, but if they don’t…
  6. Manage a budget from the outset. You can only make a move possible if you can afford to do so, so it is best to have a plan even before looking.
  7. Be available for face-to-face interviews. Don’t make the excuse that you can’t travel due to distance, as this shows a deep lack of commitment.
  8. If you do know of any local connections, connect, even if it is your mother’s hairdresser’s daughter. They might let you stay the night for interview if you are traveling from far.
  9. Give yourself plenty of time.

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What is the job market like in Peterborough?

Peterborough has a something unique when it comes to the job market – it doesn’t rely on a single sector. According to Laura Chambers at Opportunity Peterborough, by attracting industries from all sectors, Peterborough is incredibly stable within the job market.

A report by economists at the McKinsey Global Institute in 2011 forecast that Peterborough would be England’s fastest-growing city by the year 2025 – and it already has an impressive productivity (GVA) of £50,576 per worker, coupled with an employment rate of 75 per cent.

ACR Recruitment Partner Nel Woolcott, has been placing candidates in the city for over 20 years, said: “businesses are becoming increasingly competitive over their retention and attraction; they are working hard to appeal to the right individuals and are offering great opportunities to promising candidates”.

Peterborough is just 45 minutes away from London on the direct train. With such great transport links to the capital, it is easy to see why businesses come here, benefiting from cheaper rental costs and having essential network links.

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Interview questions to ask

What can I expect to be paid in Peterborough?

With our extensive experience in recruiting across Peterborough for over 20 years, we have a good knowledge of salaries across many different industries in the area. You can start your search for your Peterborough job, and see the expected salaries, by visiting our job search tool.

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10 reasons Peterborough is a great place to live in

  1. Cheaper housing means that you can uproot and buy a 4-bedroom detached property for under £250,000 [2019].
  2. You would need around £2,755.18 in Peterborough to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with £4,700.00 in London – so imagine all the spa days, or POSH season tickets you can have with your spare change.
  3. Great rail links. We’ve mentioned Peterborough to London, but mostly Peterborough is known for connecting to all major cities.
  4. The CATHEDRAL, built in 1118–1237, with 4 towers, this is one of the best cathedrals in the world.
  5. Shopping in Peterborough is great because of several, that’s right, several shopping centres. The main one is the infamous mirrored Queensgate, but there’s Serpentine Green in Hampton Hargate a modern indoor mall and Westgate Arcade, a wonderful throwback to the 1930s.
  6. According to Which? Peterborough is the best place in the UK for young families to live.
  7. Entertainment is Peterborough is rich with the ice-skating rink and Ferry Meadows Country Park to name a few of the places to go. Central Park is also the winner of the National Green Award for 12 successive years.
  8. A new super hospital services the city, with 21 operating theatres.
  9. Expected to be one of England’s fastest growing cities by 2025, Peterborough is one of the UK government’s demonstrator cities for innovation and technology.
  10. Peterborough is surrounded by some of the UK’s finest towns and villages, like Stamford – home of the Burghley Horse Trials.

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10 reasons Peterborough is a great place to work in

  1. Companies that locate to Peterborough, tend to invest in the community. For example, sponsoring the Pride in Peterborough Award.
  2. Peterborough is a city that constantly creates job with strong manufacturing, agri-tech, financial and digital sectors.
  3. There’s a major riverfront development at Fletton Quays, providing 20 acres of prime development land for office, residential, restaurant, leisure and culture opportunities. Even the Council offices have moved in.
  4. Your skills are needed. For example, there is a digital skills shortage in Peterborough. Whether that’s for digital marketing, software and web development, or IT, businesses are struggling to find candidates who fit the skill sets they require. HR professionals, at all levels, are also in high demand – both within the city and in the surrounding areas. The HR community is particularly active in Peterborough, with popular CIPD groups and many seminars and events throughout the year.
  5. Work/life balance is highlighted by the things to do in Peterborough and the demand of more skills, which means workers get to reap the benefits of being needed.
  6. Diverse career, with so many industries, there’s no need to move for a change of role. Everything is in Peterborough already.
  7. Great wages. As reflected in the ‘what can I expect to get paid’ section, the answer is ‘a very competitive salary’.
  8. Networking opportunities and rewards for businesses, with local ceremonies, is an important part of Peterborough culture
  9. Travel in Peterborough is stress free, because as well as the well-connected trainline, there are plenty of buses serving the city – the main bus station is under Queensgate Shopping Centre.
  10. To delve even deeper into what it’s really like to work in Peterborough, read our blog.

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From all of us at Anne Corder, we wish you the best of luck with relocating to Peterborough, it’ll be a great adventure.

Please feel free to contact us for any advice or help on relocating to Peterborough for work. | 01733 235 298