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Analyst jobs revolve around research and analysis of data. Depending on what sector you’re working in, the type of analyst role and the business function you’re supporting, analyst jobs will vary hugely.

An analyst job may focus on analysing market research or it could be more about data-crunching financial reports. Be in the know about what employers look for in analysts and what exactly it is analysts do in the ACR job profile:


Our Career Map profile for analyst jobs includes:


Responsibilities typically included in an analyst job:

  • Maintaining robust data sources and ensuring integrity of data
  • Developing standard reporting processes that allow you to interrogate data that provides insight for decision makers within the organisation
  • Resolving data quality issues to ensure accuracy of reporting
  • Developing ad hoc reports to respond to business requirements
  • Presenting results and trends to different stakeholders


Desirable skills for analyst jobs:

  • High levels of numeracy
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Office – particularly Excel.
  • Fantastic attention to detail


What kind of person suits an analyst job?

  • Analyst jobs require high levels of intelligence and mathematical capability
  • Perfectionists that can provide the attention to detail that is required
  • Likes working with computers
  • Naturally inquisitive and questioning


What career development opportunities are there for analytical professionals?

  • Analytical roles exist in lots of different environments from sales, to finance, to human resources
  • There are a lot of analytical roles within an FMCG environment, as there’s a real need to understanding buyer behavior to allow the business to position products correctly to meet the customer needs
  • Financial roles leading into management accountancy roles
  • Commercial analysts to investigate performance


Where could you be working in an analyst job?

Analysts are highly sought after in all walks of life, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to find an analyst job in any environment but possibly also in a consultancy environment, working for different clients.


Analytical jobs can also be titled:

  • Analyst
  • Commercial Analyst
  • Sales Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Distribution Analyst
  • Planning Analyst
  • Planner
  • Forecaster

Three top tips for an analyst job application:

  1. In your CV, make sure you demonstrate expert knowledge in Excel and any other statistical or analytical package such as EG SAS, SPSS
  1. Demonstrate high levels of numeracy and use real-life examples of how you’ve applied your numerical abilities
  1. Demonstrate the capability to engage with and influence stakeholders – not just crunch numbers. Explain how you’re able to communicate effectively with a team and give examples of when your suggestions have successfully influenced an individual or team – and the end-results of such influence


Our current Analyst job opportunities: