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Customer service professionals are often the first port of call for customers and clients contacting a company. As a result, they need to be a great representative of the organisation and a strong communicator, able to deal with all types of enquiries.

Find out below what responsibilities are typically included in a customer services job, along with advice for your job hunt and more.

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Our Career Map profile for customer service jobs includes:


Responsibilities typically included in a customer service job:

  • Responsible for providing detailed information to existing and new customers around goods/services provided by the organisation
  • Answer incoming calls and customer enquiries, or redirecting the call as appropriate
  • Follow up on email based enquiries, which may include outbound calls and the provision of information
  • Obtain required information from customers and input said data into a customer database
  • Follow set policies and procedures around obtaining information, setting processes for follow up and providing information
  • Build rapport and relationships through positive and friendly communication with both new and existing customers


Desirable skills in customer service:

When searching for customer service candidates, recruiters will look for:

  • a personable individual
  • a positive attitude
  • flexibility and diversity when dealing with others
  • strong written and verbal communication skills
  • the ability to think quickly
  • the ability to adapt according to each customer’s needs
  • the ability to work cohesively in a team


What kind of person suits a customer service job?

  • People person: individuals who enjoy working with others, as part of team, and dealing with people on a daily basis will make great customer service candidates.
  • Results driven: customer service departments are often driven by targets and reaching key performance indicators (KPIs). A great customer service candidate will get a sense of achievement from working towards set goals.
  • Fast paced: customer service professionals need to thrive in a fast paced environment and be happy to multi-task and prioritise.
  • Confident: in a customer service role you would need to be able to articulate information and ideas with confidence, encouraging customers, colleagues and stakeholders to have faith in both you and the organisation.
  • Natural communicator: being able to communicate in a precise, yet friendly, manner is essential. You’ll need to be able to communicate information clearly and confidently.
  • Adaptable: in a customer services role you would need to be able to respond to enquiries, including complaints, within a set procedural basis. You would need to be able to adapt to different situations and apply the right procedures according to the company’s policy.


What career development opportunities are there for customer service professionals?

As a results-driven profession, there are often great opportunities for progression based upon performance in a customer service role. For example, there may be:

  • opportunities to learn more about a diverse range of products and services, specialising in customer service for a particular department or industry
  • opportunities to progress to a team leader or managerial role
  • opportunities to progress within customer services through meeting and exceeding KPIs and targets, which is often remunerated through commission or bonus schemes


Where could you be working in a customer service job?

The vast majority of organisations require a customer service division to some extent as they provide front line information to consumers – so that means there are usually opportunities in many different sectors and industries. Generally, however, customer service roles will be found in specific product or service organisations rather than consulting environments.

High volume customer service roles are also generally available within online and e-commerce organisations that receive a significant volume of customer enquiries.


Customer service jobs can also be titled:

  • consumer advisor
  • customer care
  • customer executive
  • helpline advisor
  • customer service administrator


Three top tips for a customer service job application:

  1. Attention to detail: the key is in the detail with customer service roles. Ensure that you give positive and detailed answers during the interview process, whilst explaining everything clearly and using precise and accurate information.
  2. Communication: ensure you carry that attention to detail through to all forms of communication, written or verbal. Check your spelling and grammar on your CV and speak slowly and clearly during your interview.
  3. Examples: give examples of when you’ve managed client or customer facing responsibilities. Also think about how you may have dealt with a complaint or a difficult enquiry to achieve a satisfactory outcome for both parties – the consumer and the organisation. Be clear about how you have stuck to procedural guidelines previously and again give examples.


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