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Graduate scheme overview

A graduate scheme is targeted at recent graduates. It is a structured programme, compiled by the employer, which combines working and training.

Most graduate schemes are offered by larger employers and can vary hugely – some last three months, others last three years.

Successful completion of a graduate scheme can lead to a permanent position and often a professional qualification.

With our graduate job profile, part of the Anne Corder Recruitment career map, you’ll find our advice on putting together a graduate job application and more about what it takes to secure a graduate job including:


Desirable skills for graduate jobs:

  • Good communication skills
  • Effective leadership and management skills
  • Planning and research skills, to enable self-learning and good time management
  • Teamwork and interpersonal skills as many schemes will require you to integrate with various teams, along with other graduates on the same scheme
  • Self-management and a good sense of initiative
  • Relevant work experience – this is often highly desirable as graduate schemes can be very competitive


What kind of person suits a graduate job or scheme?:

You will need a degree, often in a subject relevant to the placement or industry. Most employers also look for graduates who are driven and enthusiastic to learn.

What career development opportunities are there for graduates?:

Graduate schemes are often a vehicle to fast track an individual’s career, typically into future leadership positions for successful candidates. Graduate schemes provide ambitious individuals with a route through which to grow and advance their career within an organisation.

Graduate schemes often specialise in a specific discipline (for example in finance or marketing) but often provide successful candidates with the opportunity to work in various functions within the business to gain exposure to different areas. This also allows the individual to develop knowledge of the business as a whole.

Development opportunities are often plentiful with study towards professional qualifications and training forming part of the graduate scheme offering.

Where could you be working in graduate scheme?:

Graduate schemes are tailored to attract graduates in a wide variety of sectors. Graduate schemes are typically offered by larger businesses that have the infrastructure to support rapid development of employees. Some SME’s may also offer graduate schemes as a way of attracting talent into their business.

Graduate jobs can also be titled:

  • Management Trainee
  • Graduate Trainee
  • Development Programme
  • Internship


Three top tips for a graduate job application:

  1. Start with yourself; make a list of your achievements and relevant work experience.  Showcase your skills and abilities, choosing good examples of work experience and include your extra-curricular activities – particularly any awards you may have won or standout results you have achieved.
  2. Thoroughly research the employer and tailor your knowledge and experience to what they are looking for. Always check minimum degree requirements and what degree disciplines they ask for before starting an application.
  3. Always check your applications carefully before you press ‘send’. We recommend asking a family member or good friend to read through your application.  Poor spelling and grammar will immediately jeopardise your chances of success.

Did you know we also regularly run an enhanced graduate registration service? Specifically designed to help match graduates with a great first step on the career ladder. Get in touch with us to find out more, call 01733 235 298 or email