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With more and more businesses using multiple devices, including laptops, tablets and mobiles, the reliance on IT teams has risen dramatically.

Keep reading to find out what responsibilities are typically included in IT roles, along with advice for your job hunt.

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Responsibilities typically included in IT roles:

  • The range of opportunities within IT is extremely broad from supporting users, developing new systems and applications, to maintaining security.
  • Specific areas of IT have their own responsibilities that differ considerably. Help desk support staff require some technical knowledge coupled with strong customer service and communication skills. The emphasis for programmers is more on the technical side with some very niche roles in this area.


Desirable skills for IT roles

When recruiters search for ideal IT candidates, they’re looking for an:

  • Understanding of a broad range of systems.
  • Ability to adapt quickly and learn new skills.
  • Ability to work cohesively in a team.


What kind of person suits an IT role?

  • Someone with a passion for technology!
  • Someone who thrives in a fast paced changing environment – IT doesn’t stand still.
  • Someone who can absorb information and ideas effectively.
  • Someone who communicates well.
  • Someone who is precise and can interpret data rapidly.


What career development opportunities are there for IT professionals?

  • The opportunity to learn a diverse range of systems.
  • The most valuable people in the IT sector are those who are diverse and can work with the latest systems and components.
  • Opportunities to gain team leader and management responsibilities.


Where could you be working in an IT job?

  • All organisations require a level of IT support.
  • IT professionals could be employed in-house by larger organisations or they may work for an IT provider supporting a range of clients.
  • Freelance IT professionals support clients with specific projects on an ad-hoc basis, or through a retainer of work.


IT jobs can also be titled:

  • Help desk coordinator
  • First line support
  • Second line support
  • Web developer
  • Desk top support
  • IT technician
  • Programmer / Software developer
  • IT Security expert
  • Network or systems administrator
  • Engineer


Three top tips for an IT job application:

  • Be sure to showcase the range of systems you are proficient using.
  • Ensure positive and detailed answers during the recruitment process.
  • You may be dealing with a non-IT professional, so avoid using industry jargon.


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