Sector Profile: Public Sector


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An overview of the public sector:

The public sector is the part of the economy concerned with providing various government services.


Our Career Map profile for the public sector includes:


What types of organisations operate in the public sector?

The central UK government runs some public sector enterprises. Local authorities or councils run others and these are known as municipal undertakings.

These enterprises generally fall within the healthcare and education sector; alongside the government bodies and councils themselves and other varied community trusts and structures, which can be dependent on the area.


What sorts of job opportunities are there in the public sector?

Positions are available across varied business units in the public sector. There is an underlying focus around funding and compliance, which is in line with organisational strategy.


Is the public sector particularly competitive?

There is a general reputation within the public sector that it can be difficult to find an initial role, but once you have gained experience you will commonly be able to gain transfers and promotions across different divisions.

Recruitment processes for the public sector can often be quite detailed and compliance driven, including varied security checks and specific application forms.


What benefits are there to working in the public sector?

Generally the public sector remunerates and rewards their staff well. This is not only through financial salaries but also with added benefits such as annual holiday allowance and healthcare.

As mentioned above, skill sets gained within the public sector are viewed as transferable within a variety of public sector divisions and often once you commence working within this sector you are able to move between differing departments. 


What three things should applicants keep in mind when applying for a job in the public sector?

  1. Be prepared for a detailed recruitment process.
  2. Be aware of risks and opportunities present within the sector or division you are applying to.
  3. Be able to demonstrate patience when trying to influence change or new ideas due to structural complexities.