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Sales is a fast paced career, driven by results and perfect for outgoing, enthusiastic individuals.

With lots of different opportunities available in sales, in many different types of organisations, if you think you fit the profile start searching for sales jobs in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.

If you would like to know more about the responsibilities, desirable skills, career development and advice for a career in sales have a read of our job profile below – written by our recruitment experts.


Our Career Map profile for sales jobs includes:


Responsibilities typically included in a sales job:

Areas of responsibility in sales can include:

  • Liaising with both existing and potential customers
  • Advising on products and services, and selling their benefits
  • Negotiating on pricing and service contracts
  • Researching new business opportunities
  • Developing relationships with various parties including customers and suppliers
  • Seeing sales from initiation to close


Desirable skills in sales

When employers begin the hiring process for a new member of their sales team they’ll be looking for:

  • Bags of enthusiasm for the product or service you’re selling
  • Strong influencing skills
  • Persuasiveness
  • First class communication skills
  • Credibility and confidence


What kind of person suits a sales job?

Individuals who suit a sales job include those who are:

  • Results driven: individuals with a real drive to achieve great results and exceed expectations will likely thrive in a sales job.
  • Outgoing: being outgoing, eager to speak to new people and happy to chat about your products or services will be a great asset in a sales career.
  • Self-starters: having the ability to motivate yourself and others around you can help you achieve point number one – great results with bags of enthusiasm.
  • Able to operate with integrity: being able to show credibility and honesty will help you to build sustainable relationships with stakeholders and those who will be making a decision about a purchase.
  • Commercially astute: having an awareness of how the business works, the importance of your sales and how the market operates will help you achieve your goals and the company succeed.
  • Money-motivated: remuneration for sales roles is often split between base salary and a commission (and earning potential may be uncapped). As a result, lots of sales professionals will be motivated by their pay slip at the end of the month.


What career development opportunities are there for sales professionals?

There are lots of opportunities for sales professionals to develop their career and to advance on to new roles and responsibilities. Here are a few you may consider:

  • Progression to a team leader or account manager, especially if you feel you have managerial potential
  • Successful sales professionals are identified and fast tracked to manage key accounts where revenue potential is highest
  • Regional or national sales manager roles for high-flyers who take responsibility for a specific geographical region. From there you would most likely manage and motivate a team whilst being responsible for all sales activity
  • At sales director level you may no longer be involved directly in selling but instead will be influential in shaping the strategy and approach to sales adopted across an organisation


Where could you be working in a sales job?

  • All organisations in the private sector are offering a product or service in some form for sale, so many will have a dedicated sales function.
  • You could also be involved in sales of some capacity with public sector organisations. For example, fundraising or sponsorship roles.
  • Sales roles are often face-to-face and field based. As a result they often involve travel to potential customers to demonstrate a product or to build relationships.
  • Telesales roles focus on selling a product or service over the phone, possible in a call centre environment.
  • Self-employed sales professionals will generally be engaged for a specific campaign.
  • Sales professionals will often work on a B2B (business to business) basis or a B2C (business to customer) basis, with some roles involving a combination of the two.


Sales jobs can also be titled:

When you’re job hunting for a sales job make sure you keep an eye our for these titles too:

  • Business development
  • Account management/key account management
  • Telesales
  • Lead generation
  • Retail


Three top tips for a sales job application:

  1. Research: you will need expert knowledge of the product or service you will be selling. Some early research into this industry, product, competitors operating within the market and the organisation itself will demonstrate your enthusiasm.
  2. Give evidence: aim to provide some measurable statistics for example “top sales person of 2014 with £75,000 worth of sales equating to 60% of overall business sales”.
  3. Present: be prepared to deliver a short presentation for your interviewer(s). Rather than rushing through a huge amount of information keep your presentation to time and allow for follow up questions at the end, this will allow you to demonstrate your ability to think on your feet – an important quality for sales professionals.

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