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No matter how many interviews you attend throughout your life, the prospect can always be a little daunting. Although they have the ability to make us nervous, interviews are your first chance to create a lasting impression that leaves you at the forefront of the interviewer’s minds.

Our knowledge and expertise within the HR and recruitment industries means that we are well positioned to provide some actionable job interview tips that help you to create a wonderful first impression – increasing your chances of being hired for the position at hand.

These articles and blogs will provide valuable insights and a range of tips to help you confidently prepare for an interview, and make sure you present yourself in a professional, capable and confident candidate.


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How to make a great first impression

Top tips when it comes to creating a positive lasting impression in your interview.

Common interview questions to expect

A compilation of popular interview questions, and advice for answering them.

Questions candidates should be asking in an interview

A collection of questions to ask the hiring manager in an interview.

Learning from interview feedback

How to use an interview to your advantage – even if you didn’t get the role.


Types of job interview

It used to be that interviews were conducted face to face, this provides an instant opportunity to build rapport with the interviewer. The introduction of technology now means that there is a variety of ways to conduct an interview including telephone and video interviews.

It’s commonplace for companies to begin the hiring process with a telephone call to screen candidates. Often, it’s an opportunity to discuss the position being recruited for and gauge the level of interest that candidates have in the position. This helps to make the process more efficient and productive for each party.

The articles below offer a wealth of information.

This blog provides a look at a range of interview formats and what to expect from each one.

We all have an inkling about the common interview questions that we could be asked, but what is the interviewer trying to find out from your answer? This blog sheds light when it comes to tips for answering those common interview questions in a concise and informative way.


Special interview formats – presentation and competency tips

When it’s relevant to the role that candidates are interviewing for, they may be asked to prepare a presentation to be given during the interview, or answer questions that target a specific skill or competency. You may find that competency questions are required to be supported by real-world examples.

It’s important to undertake extra research and preparation. You can find interview tips for competency-based interviews and interview presentation tips in the articles below.


First impressions

You have one opportunity to make a good first impression. There are number of elements that contribute to a first impression, from arriving on time to your body language throughout the appointment.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide to making a first impression that you are proud of, including interview clothing tips, interview preparation tips and how to successfully prepare for an interview.


‘So, tell me about yourself’.

Without making notes and rehearsing your answer for this question, it’s easy to become a little flustered. Our article below offers plenty of advice on how to answer this popular interview question.

While it’s unlikely that your social media accounts will be referenced in an interview, many hiring managers and recruiters will look at your social media to learn more about you. We have created a guide to creating an online presence that is aligned with finding a job.


Interview questions

It’s difficult to predict the questions that you may be asked during an interview.  In the posts below, we cover a variety of common interview questions, as well as provide interview tips around providing answers when asked what your weaknesses and future ambitions are.

Interviewers will want to understand why you think you are the best person for this position. Our article below will provide advice on how to effectively answer this question to appear confident, without being arrogant.


Questions for candidates to ask

At the end of an interview it’s common place for candidates to be asked if there are any questions that they would like to ask. Unfortunately, many people do answer this question with a resounding, ‘no’.

As a candidate, it’s extremely important to attend an interview with a list of prepared questions.

When candidates ask questions of the hiring manager, it tells the manager they are proactive in undertaking enough research to ask relevant questions, but also that they are genuinely engaged and interested in the role.

We have collated our experience of interviews and produced the two resources below that provide you with information regarding questions you could ask at an interview.


After the interview tips

Many candidates aren’t in the habit of being proactive in following up with the recruiter after an interview, but there are several strategies you can execute that will keep you at the forefront of their minds.

Following up with the hiring manager within 24 hours can leave a good impression, thanking them for the opportunity, a summary of why you think you are an excellent fit for the role and perhaps a sample of work. You could also connect with them online.

Even if you weren’t successful in this interview, there will still be an opportunity to learn from it. This article will provide plenty of information when it comes to acting on interview feedback.

If you have been for a number of interviews, or your current employer is keen for you to remain with them, you may find yourself dealing with counter offers from multiple parties. Navigating your way through this situation can be confusing, learn how to communicate with both parties using our advice in the post below.