Job Search Journey

Stage one: research

Think of looking for a new job as a project. Be clear on your objectives. Why are you moving? What do you want? Write down your list of requirements. There will be lots of jobs out there – but do the ones you may be considering fit with your bigger career or life plan?

Research is always your starting point. Read, read and read more. Know your preferred sector, industry or target companies. Talk to people; attend networking events or job fairs; check out websites and read publications relevant to your area of work. Understand the range of skills required to operate in your preferred sector.

Modern communication means Facebook, Twitter and Linked In – find your targets and follow them. But be wary of commenting on any social media sites about looking for a new job – it could compromise your existing position.

It sounds incredibly obvious – but the more you look, the more you will see and the more you see, the more you will learn.

Stage two: selling yourself

The process of ‘selling yourself’ starts with your cv preparation and accompanying letter. We have a separate section on our website covering how to prepare a good cv but remember that your cv needs to be angled for the role you are applying for. And make sure that your letter is addressed to the right person within the organisation.

The interview stage is also covered in a separate section of our website, but research and plan for your interview. Make sure you know where you are going; how long it takes to get there and who you are seeing.
Wear the right clothes. But remember it is always better to over-dress than under-dress. It shows you have respect and care about getting the job.

Think up the kind of questions you are likely to be asked and plan some key things you want to get across. Demonstrate that you have researched the company. Comments on what they are up to always go down well. There are lots more tips and advice on our interview page.

Follow up your interview with an email thank you. And if you are offered the job, think it through before saying ‘yes’. Review your original personal objectives. Does it tick the right boxes. If in doubt, sleep on it!