Job seeker advice

Job seeking advice to help you get that elusive offer letter…

Finding a new job is not always something that comes naturally to many people.  It could be that your circumstances have changed and you find yourself needing to find something or maybe you are returning after a break.  Whatever your situation, there are some important things to remember.

We often find ourselves offering counselling and job seeking advice to people who find themselves ‘going round in circles’ – unsure about what to do or where to look.  The most important advice is to treat job hunting as a project.

Write down a list of all the things you like and those you don’t about your current or previous role.  That sets the benchmark for you as your search begins.  Finding a job isn’t too difficult – finding the right job is much more challenging.

To assist, we have provided a series of web pages on the job search journey; how to develop a compelling and appropriate cv and then some useful tips on interviewing.

In almost every instance, the secret to success is in planning ahead; thinking calmly and carefully about what you are looking for and how best to present your credentials to get that elusive offer.

We hope you find our Job Seeker Resource Centre useful….

Writing a CV – some useful advice

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Job Search Journey

Stage one: research Think of looking for a new job as a project. Be clear on your objectives. Why are you moving? What do you want? Write down your list of requirements. There will be lots of jobs out there… read more…

Benefits of using a recruitment agency

A recruitment agency not only helps you to manage the ‘workload’ of a job hunt, but the benefits of a recruitment agency stretch right through to helping you succeed at interview. And for job seekers, a recruitment agency is absolutely free to use.