Temping: A more flexible approach to working

More and more people are choosing a flexible approach to work – and invariably that means temping. We’ve all heard of temping agencies. But what exactly is involved?

In simple terms, temping is where companies require short term assistance to cover for extra workloads or sickness/holiday/maternity cover. They do not want to offer a permanent position but prefer to employ a temp.

The temp is employed by Anne Corder Recruitment and it is our role to find the appropriate work for all those registered with us. It is about finding the right jobs, for the right people, with the right skills.

Temps can pick and choose when they work. When one assignment ends, they can have a break and can simply inform us when they are actively seeking more work. Full and part-time positions are available.

Temporary work can offer people a chance to rebuild their confidence after a period out of the working environment. It can also offer the chance to enjoy a taste of different working environments and disciplines.

Temporary positions also provide employers with the opportunity to see people in action. We have lots of examples where temporary roles have turned into permanent positions.

The word temporary does not translate into secretarial, clerical or administration. Yes, there are lots of these kind of positions available but companies often need help at all levels and in all areas – including IT, accounts and marketing to name a few.

If you would like to consider temping please send us an up to date CV via mail@annecorder.co.uk, stating:

  • Your availability date
  • Preferred working hours
  • Type of work seeking (admin, IT, accounts…)
  • Any upcoming holiday dates


Would you ever consider temporary work?

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