Training Suite

Brush up on your skills in the ACR training suite

As an ACR candidate we want you to have the very best chance of landing the type of job, or temporary roles, that you really want.

It may be that by upskilling – adding another software programme to your skill set, or improving your typing speed for example – you can elevate yourself to the next level.

That’s why we set up our Training Suite. Available for use by all our registered candidates, the suite is the ideal place to improve, extend or refresh your IT skills.

The hardware and software available is right up to date and extensive.

So, if you’ve been using an old version of a programme, you can book some time in our training suite to practice with the newer version.

Maybe your knowledge of a certain process has become rusty because you haven’t used it for a while – a spell in the training suite could be all you need to refresh your memory.

Our systems are linked to external competency websites. These enable you to take tests to pinpoint those areas where you could improve your skills and then set up revision sessions to do just that.

Our training suite is open during normal office hours for the use of all our registered candidates – and is part of our service. Naturally, this is an extremely popular offering so is in high demand – so please contact us to book your slot in advance to avoid disappointment.


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