A More Flexible Approach: Could temping be right for you?

karen-3Temporary assignments should be considered by all job hunters not in permanent work, regardless of what stage you’re at in your career.

That may sound like a bold statement but in my experience as a recruitment partner I strongly believe that temping can provide flexibility, income and experience to all types of job seekers.

There are huge numbers of benefits in undertaking temporary assignments but many strike temping off their list because, without the long-term security of a permanent job, the prospect of temporary work can be a little daunting.

With that in mind, this blog aims to help dispel some of the apprehensions job seekers may have about temping. Have a read of my reasons to make temporary working a choice below and, if you’ve temped before, why not comment with your thoughts too. Or, if you’re a job seeker with a few concerns about temping why not leave a question in the comments and we’ll get back to with our advice!

Why temporary working could work for you


Temporary work can offer added flexibility in terms of working hours and also a greater work/life balance for those choosing not to work all year round. It’s far easier to take a career break and to choose working hours that suit your lifestyle.

Take a break

Flexible work opportunities mean a choice of hours, days, shift-work and long and short-term assignments allowing you to take a break between assignments when you choose. You can take time out to devote to studying, spending time with family, travelling, hobbies, starting your own business – the possibilities are endless!

Future opportunities

The key to successful temping is developing a strong working relationship with the employment businesses you’re registered as a temp with.

Tip: Keep them informed of your availability for work and it will ensure that they think of you when new opportunities become available. If you need to be somewhere at 5pm each day, make sure they know so you don’t have to turn assignments down because you can’t commit to the working hours required.

Make your own choices

It’s up to you whether you say yes or no to an assignment, which gives you autonomy in choosing what you work on. Ask questions before committing to an assignment so that you have a good understanding of where you will be and what you will be doing – that way you will know what to expect.

Develop new skills

As well as flexibility temporary assignments offer the opportunity to strengthen your CV as you learn new skills and systems. You’ll be giving your CV a practical boost and you’ll also benefit from a positive effect on confidence levels.

Make adaptability your strength

Temporary workers are extremely adaptable having worked in a range of environments and this can be used as a real plus point when interviewing for future work opportunities.

Expand your network

Working in a range of businesses through temping also allows you to expand your contacts both professionally and personally – be it meeting like-minded people or for when you’re looking for work in the future.

On a practical note, always remember that when considering temporary work you should be ready to provide proof of your eligibility to work in the UK along with reference information to cover the most recent three years in full.

If you want to find out how temping has worked for real job seekers in a range of different circumstances have a read of our success stories. For example, Tracey Ritchie discovered a six months temporary project manager role, Andrew Smith found a temporary role ahead of an operation and Barbara Lambourne found temping gave her the flexibility she needed.

If you’re ready to start looking for temporary assignments right now, then make sure you take a look at our current vacancies. Search for temporary work with ACR today.

About the Author

Karen Dykes

Karen Dykes

Recruitment Partner

Karen, recruitment partner and part of the management team at Anne Corder Recruitment, manages a huge array of responsibilities. Managing everything that is not directly job handling, Karen is also an expert in candidate sourcing, change management, training and temp recruitment.