How to choose the right temping agency for you

Every temping agency will take a slightly different approach, and that will determine who will work best for you.   

In simple terms, temping is where companies require short term assistance to cover for extra workloads or sickness/holiday/maternity cover. Temporary roles help a business to cover an additional workload without the financial commitment involved with a permanent role. This doesn’t mean that roles don’t become permanent.  

Temporary work is also a popular solution for many looking for work, as it offers flexibility, as well as a chance to gain experience in a new area of work. The important thing is to remember that temp work offers both the employer and the employee an equal solution, the right recruitment agency will invest the same effort in matching the right people to the right role, for temporary work as they would for permanent.  

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Top tips on looking for the right temping agency

In a nutshell, you want to work with a temping agency that gets to know you and what you want to get from temporary work – whether that’s extra experience for your CV, if you’re keen to try a temp to perm role or you simply want the added flexibility. With that in mind, here are our four key pieces of advice to help you find a temping agency, like ourselves, that is the right fit for you:  

  • Choose an agency that covers the specialism that you require, for example if you want a job in HR, you’ll also want a recruiter that understands what those roles require and has built strong connections within the sector.  
  • The point of temp work is that you want to be flexible, the right agency will work with you and not against you. Looking for temping roles, means looking for something that fits around YOU. If you find yourself being pushed into a direction that you don’t want to go in, learn to say “no thank you” and remember that there are plenty of recruiters who do genuinely care.  
  • Arrange to meet your chosen recruitment agency. Meeting face-to-face will help bridge a connection, meaning that your recruiter will be able to recommend you based on personality as well as skills. This will also help eliminate any bad matches. 
  • Take location into account and make sure you are clear on what is achievable for you. For example, if you don’t drive, and a recruiter recommends an out of the way business park because they have no real knowledge of the area, it probably won’t work for you. Use a temping agency that gets to know its clients, understands the area and takes into account the limitations you may face when finding ideal location for you.  

There are many reasons to want to find temporary assignments and the right recruiter will understand your reasons and support you. Temping isn’t bad for your CV, it shows a determination to work and can help you to find a role that suits you. In this blog we explore further the benefits of temp work.  

If you’re ready to start looking for temporary roles, begin here 

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