Hybrid Jobs, Beyond Grades and Conversations: How to get your career off to the right start

Beginning your career or changing direction onto a new career path can be a daunting prospect. You’re starting from square one and you’re most likely eager to get stuck in and start climbing the ladder as soon as possible.

Emma Plummer at Anne Corder Recruitment

With that in mind, I’ve pulled together some advice from my perspective – as a recruiter and talent scout – on how those starting their career can create the right foundations for success.

Hybrid roles could be your ally

As you start out on your career you’ll want to build experience both in specialist fields but also broadly across an organisation. When making a new hire employers will want to see commercial awareness: a knowledge of how the organisation works, what’s important and how to communicate with stakeholders.

This means job roles that combine different skill sets could be hugely beneficial at this stage of your career. To explain what I mean by a ‘hybrid job’…

A hybrid job is a job that combines two or more job roles, requiring a blend of skills. A hybrid job offers employees diversity and the opportunity to develop across a broader range of disciplines.

For example, a hybrid job role may require you to be numerate, have good customer service skills but also be analytical. You’ll have the opportunity to develop across different disciplines and use a variety of skills. This is key to helping you build commercial awareness, which in turn is hugely valuable to future employers.

Not only that, but a hybrid job can give you exposure to different areas of an organisation. You use analytical skills one minute, customer service the next and maybe marketing at another point. At the beginning of your career this can be crucial in helping you understand what you enjoy and what skills you would like to develop further.

If you want to find out more about hybrid job roles or simply want some advice one starting your career, get in touch with us at Anne Corder Recruitment. We always have lots of different jobs that we recruit for and will be able to give some on advice what might be right for you. Get in touch with us or find out more about starting your job search with us.

Don’t get bogged down by grades

I recently saw an interesting article on the BBC about how some businesses had begun to look past grades and qualifications to give them access to a wider pool of talent. You can read the article here.

The article highlights that with the right attitude and approach to your job hunt you can start on a promising new career, even without the ‘right grades’ as it were.

Although many employers will still look to grades and qualifications as an indicator of your abilities, it’s important not to let yourself become bogged down them.

Instead, build up experience where you can and have a read of our recruitment partners’ job search tips. Be ready to prove you’re worth your salt at interviews and when you start a new job.

The more you put in, the more you’ll get out

On that note, showing that you’re enthusiastic is important across the board when you’re starting a new career – and that often means the more you put in, the more you’ll get out in terms of experience, progression and development.

When you start in a new job, take every opportunity to learn from your colleagues. Similarly say ‘yes’ to taking on new responsibilities and make sure you’re a team player, supporting others.

Even before you’re in a new role, take every opportunity to go to different interviews and meet new people. Even if an interview doesn’t result in a job offer, it’s still a great chance to widen your knowledge of different organisations, how they work and different working cultures.

Have the right conversations

You often hear of people having ‘right place, right time’ moments when it comes to securing a great new opportunity. But often these moments are triggered by an outgoing attitude – the individual will be keen to network, talk to lots of people and widen their horizons.

One of the most important steps when you start your career is to talk to people. Make new connections, you never know when you might be speaking to someone who may be able to help you on to the next stage in your career.

On that note, speak to us too at Anne Corder Recruitment! You send us your CV or get in touch with us today.

Starting out on a new career can feel daunting – but by building up your skillset, trying different opportunities and making the right connections you could be putting yourself on the right road to success.


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