Massive Monday Tips: Stand out from the crowd

Massive Monday, the first working Monday after New Year’s Day, is the most popular day to start searching for a new job and new career. If you’ve made it your New Year’s resolution to change jobs then have a read of our tips to make sure you stand out of the crowd.

It’s Massive Monday, you’re motivated, you’re dedicated to the job search and you know lots of other jobseekers are too! Last year, more people than ever started their job hunt on the first Monday after New Year’s Day. With so many potential candidates applying for new roles it’s essential that you, and your CV, stand out from the crowd.

Here are our top five tips to make sure your job hunt is successful on this Massive Monday:


  1. Don’t get click happy!

If you’re feeling really excited about the new opportunities that may just be round the corner, then it’s easy to see every job vacancies as one that you must click “apply” for.

Instead of sending your CV out left right and centre, take the time to really understand the job description: take a look at the person specification and compare it to your own skills, consider whether the benefits outweigh the ones in your current role and check to see if the role is temporary or permanent.

Another point that we often find people miss – even though it seems quite obvious – is to check to location of the role. If it’s not feasible for you to relocate, don’t apply for the role, or if you are willing to make a move then say so in your cover letter!

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Above all be realistic about your job search. That doesn’t mean you can’t be ambitious! Simply keep in mind the practicalities and whether, if it came to it, you would really want that job.


  1. Stick to the CV rules

It can feel like a big rush to apply for jobs on Massive Monday, but don’t neglect your CV. Put time aside and go through your CV with full attention to detail.

Don’t rush through updating your CV and risk spelling or grammatical mistakes cropping up. Remember, your CV is your first opportunity to sell yourself to the recruiter. Make sure it shows your best side!

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  1. Tailor your application

Again, this point relates to being a little too eager to apply for every role there and then. Tailor your application each and every time: it’s one of the ground rules of applying for a new job, but it’s often one of the first to go out of the window when you’re applying in a hurry.

Consider how your application can be made far more personal to each role. You’ll find that highlighting a different skill or achievement that’s relevant for each role will make you stand out of the crowd and make you a quality candidate for that position.

Of course, this loops us back to my first point – if you’re applying for every job you see, then it will be nearby impossible to tailor your application effectively every time! Pick the jobs that you can really imagine yourself doing and make your application really work for those.


  1. Keep track of your applications

Even when you’ve been very selective about the roles you want to apply for, it can be easy to lose track of when you sent your application across, what exactly you said in your cover letter and whether you received a response or not.

Create a spreadsheet of your applications including the organisation, send date, application deadline date, a contact number, recruiter’s name, whether you received acknowledgment of your application and space for a few notes as the process progresses.

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  1. Get in touch with the right recruitment agencies

A lot of jobseekers will get in touch with a huge array of recruitment agencies in the hope that they will be able to get them of track with plenty of opportunities. In fact, you’ll reap the benefits of agencies far more if you’re also selective when getting in touch.

Consider whether the agency even recruit for the type of role you want and ask around about the reputation that agency has. You’ll want to choose an agency that will be professional, understand your ambitions and really work towards finding you the right role.

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Emma Plummer

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