New Year Job Hunting Advice

You’ve hit the New Year sales, you’ve got a snazzy new wardrobe for work but…you’d like a new job too. 

Most companies that are hiring in the New Year want someone to start as soon as possible – often with the perspective that it is better to start the year as they mean to go on. If they are ready, the question is: exactly how ready are you?

In this blog you’ll find five key bits of advice aimed at helping you prepare for your New Year job hunt – helping you to get off on the right footing to achieve your 2020 career goals


It might be the case that you feel unsatisfied with your current job because you’ve outgrown it, but frustratingly you don’t quite have the skills for the job you want.

Our advice would be: brush up on your skills first and start researching for your job hunt in the meantime.

Try not to dive in straightaway and apply when you don’t necessarily have the skills required. Instead, put a plan of action in place to gather the skills you require according to a timeframe – and keep researching job opportunities too, so you can continue to finetune your application in the meantime.

Upskilling doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive pursuit; research online options and local colleges that work for you and your budget. For example, marketing professionals could explore this Diploma in Web Business Development and Marketing by Alison, has some great options too.

Equally, look out for new job opportunities that have training opportunities as well. These could be a great option for learning on the job and progression within a business.

Whilst you take time to review your skills, make sure you don’t forget about soft skills too. Soft skills can be incredibly important in helping you secure a role – particularly one which is a step up in your career. Soft skills can demonstrate an eagerness to learn, develop and your ability to work well in a team, all very important assets in a new job.

Learn more about your soft skills, read our blog: What are soft skills and why are they important?

Clean up your social media

By now you probably know that potential employers and recruiters can and will search for your profile online. But that doesn’t mean you remember to do regular checks, ensuring posts are private or that your public Twitter account isn’t full of @ngry tweets.

It is so easy to forget that people that are not your friends can see certain details about you whenever they want – for example, your profile picture and anything else public on your profile.

Don’t forget though, social media can help your job search too. Read our blog on how to use social media to find a job.

Connect with people

Talking about your New Year goals with friends and acquaintances is a really good way of finding out about jobs ahead of the job market. As well as potentially helping someone with a referral bonus!

Start speaking more to a recruiter (like us!) as they will have experience and advice to share. Send us your CV today to get in touch.


Finding a job or even getting an interview might not be as forthcoming as you’d like. It might be a February rather than January New Year job, so with that in mind the key is to keep momentum going with your search and with your current role.

Waking up on Massive Monday – the first working Monday after New Year – with a focus on job hunting DOES NOT mean going into work and slacking off until you leave.

Never leave a bad impression anywhere, it is a small world after all and not only do you want those good references, but your next boss could be best friends with your old boss!

Keep track of your application

Be selective in your approach otherwise you could end up looking for a new job again by Easter.  Be realistic about the roles you’re applying for (for example, be honest with yourself whether the commute will be doable and if you really will be happy with a salary cut) and focus on jobs where your soft skills will be a good fit.

Avoid getting ‘click-happy’ and applying for every role that could be a good fit. If you do have a few job applications on the go, then make sure you stay on top of ‘which job is which’. You want to be on the ball if a recruiter gets in touch about your application – you definitely don’t want to have to ask what role it is they are referring to! Download our free downloadable job tracker, keep track of the jobs you’re applying for and make your New Year job search experience productive and focused.

Don’t forget – update your CV to stand out of the crowd

On top of all of the above New Year job hunting tips, it always remains vital to review and update your CV whenever you start searching for a new role. Take a critical eye to your CV and make updates to ensure you are reflecting your most relevant and important skills and experience.

To help get you started with your CV update, read our blog: How to write a modern CV.

We wish you a happy job hunt in 2020! Remember, you can start your job search with Anne Corder Recruitment: browse our latest job vacancies.

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Emma Plummer

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