Your questions answered: “Is temping bad for my career?”

Sometimes we come across job seekers who are quick to dismiss temp opportunities, believing that it could – in some way or another – be bad for their career. However, in our years of providing temp recruitment in Peterborough, and further afield, we’ve found the exact opposite to be true.

So, the short answer to the question, “Is temping bad for my career?”, is “no!”. But to go into more detail, I’ve put together a blog on why temping can actually be great for your career and offering some tips if you’re considering a temporary position as your next career move.

When temping can be a great career move

As with any change in your career, it’s important that you choose a temp opportunity at the right time for you. If a priority in your life and your career right now is to have stability for a long period of time, then temping may not be the best option.

Yet there are a number of instances when temping could actually be a wise move, helping to add something different to your CV and career experience:

Temping whilst studying

Temping can be a great way of not only getting some money in the bank whilst your studying but it can also help you add credible work experience to your CV when you qualify or graduate. Many employers look for additional temporary support over the summer, when staff members are on holiday or they are particularly busy – similarly over Christmas.

Temping to provide added flexibility

Temping can provide real flexibility to your career – allowing you to choose placements that are not only right for you but also well timed. Perhaps you want to work on a temporary basis before travelling or moving to another city. Equally, you may enjoy having some variety, working in different temp positions to mix up different responsibilities and challenges on a regular basis.

Read our news article with ACR temp, Chris, and learn why she found temping to be a great, flexible working option.

Temping as a stop-gap

Sometimes a temporary position is a great way to still bring in money whilst you’re waiting for something else. This success story with ACR temp, Andrew, shows one scenario where temping acts a good stop-gap. In other instances, it may be whilst you’re waiting for another job to start, such as graduate scheme, which normally only have one or two starting points a year.

Temping when returning to work

If you have been out of work for a while, temping can be a great way to get back into working. It can give you the opportunity to re-familiarise yourself with work – giving you a confidence boost and you’ll be able to choose placements that work around your requirements.

Top tip: always remember what you want from a temp position

Really the list could go on for scenarios where temping could in fact be very good for your career. Whatever your reasons for choosing temping, always try to remember why you opted for that route.

Do you want to add experience to your CV? Is it simply a way to earn money? Do you want to have extra flexibility when it comes to work? Keep your objectives in mind and prioritise what matters most to you when choosing placements. Work with an agency that will also understand what it is you’re looking for and they’ll be able to support you in finding the right placements.

How else can temping help your career?

Outside of various scenarios, temping can help your career in many ways:

Temping can provide a boost to your CV

Do you want to top-up your skills in a particular area? Demonstrate a good work ethic? Simply demonstrate experience working in an office environment? Temping can help to demonstrate many desirable traits to employers. For example, temps can often boast that they are:

  • adaptable;
  • able to use their initiative,
  • and have a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Gain a new a skill through temping

Perhaps there is a specific skill you want to add to your CV. Look for placements that let you build the skills in an area you want to develop – whether that’s in customer service, administration, IT or other areas. When you are in the placement, try to say ‘yes’ whenever possible – show a can-do attitude and that you want to learn more.

Test out a workplace and its culture with temp to perm

Temporary placements can also help you to make sensible steps in your career. Many businesses offer temp to perm opportunities, whereby both you and the employer are able to see if you are a good fit for the business and if there is the need for your contributions. This is a great chance for you to experience a workplace, get to know its culture and the role, before committing to anything permanent.

Other common misconceptions about temping

Beyond temping being a bad for your career, there are lots of other misconceptions with a temp approach to work.

For example, many believe that temping is only for administrative work, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You could temp in all sorts of areas, from marketing to HR to IT.

In other instances, candidates worry about their rights as a temp. In fact, you are always entitled to worker’s employment rights, which you can find out more about here.

Start your search for great temp opportunities in and around Peterborough

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