Searching for credible work experience?

With the summer holidays fast approaching, you may be looking to spend time working to earn some extra cash before heading back to university, or college.

Considering a role close to your area of study, rather than a stopgap job, could help pay the bills and further your studies too. Working with Anne Corder Recruitment – who has experience with temporary roles, especially for students and graduates – can even improve your chances of recruitment after university, as you’ll have the elusive, relevant work experience businesses look for.

Put the theory to the test

Put the theory into practice, and push yourself this summer with a placement in Peterborough.

The ACR Student Recruitment Service is launching during the Easter holidays, and will be available to students searching for work in Greater Peterborough for the summer holidays. Students can expect to receive:

  • access to expert advice from our recruitment partners
  • skills assessments, and training when upskilling is required
  • insight into the jobs market in Greater Peterborough
  • CV appraisal, and expert advice on updating and refreshing it

What could you achieve?

There are plenty of benefits to working during your summer break. Whether you’re working from an office, remotely, or on a building site you can:

  • Save money. Having to rely on a student loan can sometimes be tough, so earning extra cash during the summer holidays can make going back to university in September that much easier.
  • Work on the theory you’ve learnt. Some people learn much faster if they put their theory into action. Working in the industry closest to your degree could help you build on the knowledge you’ve learnt.
  • Learn from others in that role. Working alongside experienced individuals already employed in your industry can help you learn from the experts, and provide valuable contacts once you’ve graduated.
  • Gain insight into your industry. If you haven’t worked in a full time role before, experiencing a working week could help you get used to it before you graduate. Similarly, it could help you realise what type of business you’d like to work for before you leave university or college.

Find out more about roles available for students.


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Emma Plummer

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