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You want your CV to catch the eye of recruiters and employers, and there are a huge number of ways you can achieve just that. Here at Anne Corder Recruitment we’re seeing more and more creative CVs coming through – and, in the most part, they’re fantastic. But is there a point where you should draw the line?  


Hopefully this blog post will give you a little extra inspiration when being creative with your CV, whilst also giving you a little guidance on what recruiters still want to, and don’t want to, see. Have a read through my tips, and if you’ve got any questions leave me a comment below!


1. Make the design of your CV relevant to the jobCreative CV

You don’t have to be graphic designer to have a CV different from the bog standard template versions. However, my number one tip is to still keep your CV relevant to your industry.


If you are a graphic designer, it’s a given that you’ll want to express your creativity on your CV. So go for it! And whilst you’re on the job hunt, why not take a look at any vacancies we have for graphic design?


On the other hand, if you’re not working in a creative industry like graphic design, you’ll still want your CV to stand out. Don’t be scared of thinking outside the box but keep in line with a corporate image you want to create.


If you’re working in marketing, think how you could reflect the industry in your CV design. Consider including a professional Twitter handle (not your personal one!) or, if you’re sending your CV via email, why not include links to your work online?


If you’re feeling a little hesitant consider using muted colours or simply stick to black and white. It’s an easy way to keep your CV looking professional.


Remember: A quirky CV simply isn’t right for everyone and every profession. If you’re not confident that a unique CV will get you the right kind of attention, opt for a different tactic.


2. Create your CV so it reflects you, as an employee and an individualCreative CV tips - statistics

One of the big challenges is managing to fit everything you want to say into your CV – so why not design your CV so it says something a little extra?


Present any facts and figures in a creative way. Including figures in your CV can make the results of your work look more credible, whilst also highlighting that you’re results driven by tracking success. Have a look at the basic example opposite.


Use a style that reflects you and your attitude to work. If you value your vibrancy and creativity, then show it.


Find some inspiration with these very creative CV ideas.


3. Don’t ditch the CV essentials

Always stick to the tried and tested CV rules, regardless of what format you choose for your new CV.


That means including you name, contact information, experience, education and relevant qualifications. Remember a lot of recruiters and employers frown upon including a photo on your CV and that a brief personal statement or ‘bio’ can be beneficial.


And of course, always keep it professional! Don’t use that email address you’ve had since you were 13 years old…


Read our CV writing advice and listen to the podcast


4. Whatever design you choose, make sure you can easily tailor it

Updating your CV is always a bit of a chore. Whether you’re doing a big overhaul of your CV or simply tweaking it per job application, you’ll want the process to be easy.


When you create your CV in a quirkier format remember that you’ll need to change text or make certain elements more prominent as you go along in your job hunt. Keep text in text boxes and use software (Word, Adobe Photoshop) that you’re comfortable with and have easy access to.


5. Always create a ‘backup’ Word version

Recruitment partner, Faye Lewis, explained in her blog on making the most of a recruitment agency that it’s essential to have a Word format of your CV readily available.


Recruiters will need a simple CV to put forward to their client – the employer. If your CV is in a PDF format or if text is placed in text boxes it can be tricky for the recruiter to put all the information in to a suitable format. Not only that, but if you don’t have a Word version to hand the recruiter will be left to put something together on your behalf.


Would you ever use a more creative CV? We would love to hear your ideas, and we can give you some advice too – leave me a comment below.


If you’ve already created a CV and are ready to send it in, you can search for jobs in Peterborough or send us your CV now.

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