What’s it Like to Work in Peterborough?

Peterborough Cathedral
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A little while back I wrote a blog on ‘how to find a job in a new city’ and it occurred to me, for many of the job seekers that we help at Anne Corder Recruitment that new city is Peterborough. As a result, we often get asked the question: What is it really like to work in Peterborough?

For example, our success story with local company Frontline and five job seekers, highlighted that many candidates are looking to work in Peterborough as they relocate from another city: Amy was relocating from Surrey; Louise was moving back from university, and Christina was completely new to Peterborough. Another ACR candidate, Tracey Ritchie, even relocated to Peterborough from New Zealand!

You can read Tracey’s story here: A Return to the UK with the Perfect Project Management Role

If (like Amy, Louise, Christina and Tracey were) you are considering Peterborough as a location for your next job, then this blog is for you! I’ve pulled together a few points I think every job seeker should know about what it’s like to work in Peterborough:

The diversity of job opportunities is huge

With Peterborough just 40 to 50 minutes from London on the train it’s thought of as a great location for businesses to call home – especially with lower overheads for businesses away from the capital.

With business parks such as Lynch Wood (where we’re based), Orton Southgate, Cygnet Park, Thorpe Wood and Fengate there is a great range of businesses spread across the city. In the city centre too there are several well-known and respected businesses.

Businesses based in Peterborough range from the smallest of start-ups through to multi-nationals such as Bauer Media Group who employ approximately 6,400 people across 15 countries. Not to mention the vibrant community of charities and third sector organisations with the likes of Kidney Research and Alzheimer’s Society.

With this is in mind, there really is something for every job seeker. Whether you’re looking for a small organisation to make a difference in or a larger company with a well-known name then there are plenty of opportunities for you in Peterborough.

Travelling around the city

Peterborough roads
Streak” by Dave Crosby is licensed by CC 2.0

Peterborough is city undergoing a lot of change in 2015 particularly with changes to the road networks to improve access to the city centre and ease congestion.

The train station is also located in the heart of the city, with fast trains to London, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and more. It’s easy to travel via train to and from Peterborough, making it easy to commute into the city. It is, however, worth flagging up that some of the business parks are more on the outskirts of the city so you may need to add in another form of public transport after the train journey to reach your destination.

However, by car the business parks are often easily accessible especially via the A1.

Work/life balance is a priority for many employers

Our Flexible Working in Peterborough campaign revealed that 43 per cent of local employers offered flexible working to all of their employees, whilst another 43 per cent said they provided flexible working to those who asked for it.

The results go to show that a work/life balance is often a priority in the city and is often a reason for many job seekers to look to Peterborough as oppose to London with it’s often long commutes and ‘always-on’ culture.

There are lots of networking opportunities

If you’re looking to build your own network and develop your career, then you may be pleasantly surprised by the opportunities on offer in Peterborough. With the busy business parks attracting many organisations, there are regular meet-ups, business networking events and seminars – all of which can help you establish yourself in the business community.

In larger cities, like London, it may feel impossible to make your mark – but in Peterborough, and with the right networking skills and outlook, you could find yourself in a growing position of expertise helping you to grow your personal brand.

Employment Law Seminar, Peterborough

Here at ACR we host a range of different networking events for HR professionals in the city – our Employment Law Seminar with Hegarty LLP Solicitors and Lunch and Learns are two popular examples.

For other sectors, browse through the Business Moment’s Guide to Peterborough Networking Groups for ideas.

The salaries are rising

Annually we launch the ACR and Paydata Salary Survey, which gives us – and local employers and job seekers – an idea of how salaries are changing in Peterborough.

Each year we look at the changes in salaries per job role, alongside the type of benefits employees can expect to receive.

In 2014, the survey revealed that from 2013 – 2014 secretarial roles saw the biggest jump in salaries at approximately 5 per cent. Overall, the majority of Greater Peterborough salaries increased between 1.5 per cent and 4.0 per cent in the 12-month period. You can discover more of the results in our salary survey infographic.

According to the survey it looks like Peterborough salaries are in line with national wage growth – or even raising faster than the average.

So, with all that in mind are you now inspired to come and work in Peterborough? If the answer is yes, then start your job search with us today. If there’s something else you would like to know about working in Peterborough then leave us a comment below – we’ll do our best to help, after all, we all work in Peterborough so we should be experts!

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