Finding the right job for you…

So you’re looking for a new job in Peterborough. What makes you stand out ahead of other candidates to a prospective employer?

We pride ourselves at ACR on helping you to maximise your potential; and make the most of your unique set of skills, strengths and experience. We are not simply interested in your exam results or salary requirements – we want to understand what makes you tick. There is no point putting a square peg in a round hole.

In addition to assessing your skills, we may explore your lifestyle aspirations; your attitude to work; your likes and dislikes – and often use psychometric testing to help us assess your personality styles and traits.

There are lots of job agencies around that place more emphasis on ‘filling’ vacancies. But here at ACR we will only ever put you forward for a vacancy – temporary, permanent or interim – if we genuinely believe it is right for you and you are right for it. We want both candidate and client to be delighted with the outcome rather than end up with a short term solution.

What we do….

We will keep you involved at every stage of the process as we seek suitable vacancies for you. We will discuss possibilities before putting you forward and will keep you up to speed on feedback.

And once you have started your new role, we will keep in touch over the first few weeks to ensure you have settled in and enjoying your new challenge.

Let us know…

Take part in our survey below and let us know how you feel about issues facing jobseekers. We’ll keep this section regularly updated with relevant questions for you to think about and vote on.

Which is most valuable to you when using a recruitment agency to support with your job search?

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