Jude Moore

Jude Moore

Recruitment Administrator

When you come to the ACR offices, Jude will be ready to greet you – and offer you a cup of tea! Coming for an interview can be a nerve-wracking experience and Jude has made it her mission to make sure every visitor feels at ease.

In fact, Jude knows how important those first impressions can be: Jude originally registered as a candidate at ACR herself. After clicking with Anne, and liking our ethical recruitment ethos, Jude never went to another agency and was delighted when a job came up at ACR.

Today, Jude’s previous in-house HR, training and recruitment experience benefits clients and candidates alike: understanding the ins and outs of HR departments, Jude supports each individual in a way that works for them.

Working closely with local schools and colleges, Jude also helps to share ACR’s advice with those just starting their careers: whether that’s helping with different interview skills or explaining what a recruitment agency is – and how we can help.

A lover of the great outdoors, Jude will be found in her garden or walking her dog when she’s not at work. Although, every so often, Jude also heads off to Holland with family and friends to watch a much-loved band!