Judith Broughton

Judith Broughton

Recruitment Partner

When it comes to temporary assignments, Judith is the ACR team member for you. Managing the running of our temps desk, Judith knows all too well the difference temps can make to a business.

Before joining ACR Judith ran her own successful footwear and clothing business. Demand would fluctuate dramatically, particularly if there was a downpour and everyone needed wellie boots – and quick! In those times, Judith would turn to ACR for temps who would be able to hit the ground running and get stock out to customers.

During this time Judith hugely appreciated the support of ACR, and their ability to find temporary workers who were right for her business and the job in hand. Today that’s something Judith still sees the value of, but from the other side: “Having relied upon temps in the past, I know how crucial they can be – and the importance of getting the right fit between the temp and business.”

Add in previous jobs in retail management, with training and recruitment responsibilities, and Judith’s experience gives her a wide-range of skills throughout business – she understands the challenges businesses face, and the importance of having the right employees.

Having always loved working with people, and fast-paced work, Judith is perfectly placed to handle temps at ACR: “Temps offer such varied skills sets for a business to utilise and my job is all about finding that fit.”

“Temporary work is often great for graduates and I love coaching them to take their first career step. Equally, temping can help someone get back into work, diversify their CV or keep their experience fresh. Whatever the circumstance, it’s hugely rewarding to help someone achieve his or her career goals.”

We’re sure Judith’s calm approach to the fast-paced world of temps is down to her love of yoga though. When she’s not at the yoga studio, Judith loves the opportunity to explore a new city or head to the nearest wine bar.